Streamers: who they are and what they do


Streamers are people who regularly conduct live broadcasts (streamers).

In this article, we will tell you more about streamers – what exactly they do, what the essence of streaming is and how to make money from it.

Who is a streamer and what he does.

Exploring in detail. It is worth immediately clarifying that there are streamers for whom hosting live shows is the main activity and source of income. Streaming, respectively, is the main type of content.

And there are authors who sometimes conduct broadcasts, but in addition to the main content. For example, a blogger may lead a channel on YouTube or a page in TikTok, and answer the questions of subscribers during streams.

In essence, any live stream hosted online is a streamer. But in the common understanding, streamers are called the first category of authors, i.e. those who stream regularly. Accordingly, streamers choose platforms where there are more opportunities and features for this: YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, VK and Tick-Tock. Insta and Tik-Tok are more necessary for communicating with the audience in live, but gradually these social networks are adding functionality for streamers. For example, the opportunity to receive donations and gifts. In VK, they are not yet as active in streaming, but the opportunity itself is present. Most of the streamers on YouTube and Twitch.

The essence of streaming

The essence of streaming is that the author of the broadcast (streamer) shows certain actions live, and viewers watch him. He can show on the camera himself, his environment, or what’s happening on the screen of the device which is being streamed.

Also, the author can discuss any topic and talk to the audience, then the essence of the stream – just in the communication with the author and answering questions.

The majority of all streams is a game content. That is why the word “streamer” is most often associated with the players. Streamers in real time play popular games such as CS:GO, World of Warcraft, Fortnite. Viewers watch and as if “pass the game with them.

But playing games is only one type of streaming. What else you can do during live broadcasts:

  • complete Challenges;
  • do assignments from the viewers;
  • draw;
  • sewing;
  • cook;
  • programming;
  • make music (or hold concerts);
  • unpack merchandise;
  • reporting;
  • teach;
  • conduct interviews;
  • host their own shows.
    *The list is almost unlimited. You can even assemble a Lego constructor or crochet, as long as it is interesting to the audience.


Why streaming is so popular:

  • – People like watching others. They feel a sense of belonging to someone else’s life. Reality shows have always been popular for a reason.
  • – Streaming most often takes place spontaneously, that is, not according to the script. The surprise factor attracts attention, because anything can happen.
  • – During the streaming can gain experience and useful information. For example, players can discover new tricks and ways to pass their favorite games. Viewers of cooking streams can learn about unusual recipes and ways of cooking. For the average viewer, the opinion of a popular streamer is more expert than the information in the profile media.
  • – Streaming is a way to relax and have fun. You can watch a soccer game or watch Petya play Dota 2.
  • – During streams, you can chat with other viewers. It’s a way to find like-minded people.
  • – Often viewers are attracted not by the stream itself, but the personal charisma of the author, his stories and humor. Or appearance. Some viewers fall in love with streamers, follow their lives, and send love letters.
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How much can you earn from streaming

Income depends on the popularity of the streamer, the subject matter, and how much you earn. If we take the game topics, the income of the streamer of the average level varies in the range of 20-60,000 rubles per month. Earnings popular streamers is counted in hundreds of thousands of dollars.


  • Chinese Meng Lei managed to earn about $167,000 for 1 evening during a game streamer in TikTok.
  • American streamer Ninja earned $5 million in a month playing Fortnite. On his referral link was made purchases for $ 100 million, the streamer has received 5% of this amount.
    *Of course, not every streamer can make that kind of money. But the streaming market has enormous potential.


What streamers earn on

Donates. There is a misconception that the audience of streamers – it’s mostly schoolchildren. In fact, among the viewers a lot of wealthy people who are willing to spend money to support their favorite writers.

Viewers usually just donate, but you can collect for a specific purpose, for example, to buy a more powerful computer.

Advertising. To attract advertisers, the audience of the stream should be 4 000 – 5 000 viewers, although sometimes it is enough and 500. The main thing that it was a constant stream of the target solvent viewers. Ads during the streaming shows – voice-over, product in the frame (for example, gaming headphones and a can of Red Bull on the table), things with the brand logo (T-shirt with the logo), a link under the stream.

Affiliate Programs. The streamer places an affiliate link in the streamer’s chat or below the recording and gets a % of sales by it. Above written about the earnings of the streamer Ninja from one link.

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Affiliate streaming service. There is an affiliate service on Twitch, which pays for advertising during the streams.

Channel Subscription. Viewers can subscribe to the channel for a fee as an endorsement of the author or to receive bonuses/exclusive content. Similar to a Patreon subscription. Part of the money goes to the service, part to the author.

Selling merch and merchandise. One more way to earn if your streamer has already reached the level of popularity when your viewers are ready to buy his merch.

Selling your own goods and services. For example, pumping other people’s accounts for money or selling an instructional course on drawing.

The main income streamers make up donates, direct advertising and affiliate links.

What you need to succeed in streaming

Despite the opportunity to earn decent money, to break into the top is not easy. The competition is very high.

What will help to win an audience:

  • Charisma. Viewers go to the stream for the personality. For example, the author of a game stream can play so himself, but be a charming and charismatic streamer and he will watch.
  • Nice appearance. Despite the fact that a streamer may rarely show himself or show not the whole screen, the appearance also plays a role.
  • Skills. If the streamer is an expert in something, they come to his broadcasts for information. For example, he can give tips on playing games or making music. If you know how to create expert content (even in games), they’ll watch you.
  • Unique pitch. Being able to stand out among other writers always works. Streaming is no exception. Think about what you can offer viewers that is unique. This can be both the pitch and the content itself.
  • A sought-after topic. You need to be able to recognize what’s in demand among your audience. You can be a cool expert, with charisma and quality content, but choose a topic that few people are interested in and not gain views.
  • The ability to retain viewers during the broadcast. You need to constantly entertain viewers so that they stay on the stream as long as possible. For example, if you keep silent during the game, most likely, not everyone will stay to the end. Considering that broadcasts can last several hours, this is hard work for many streamers.
  • Tools and ways to engage the audience. Viewers like to be directly involved in events. The bare minimum you can do to engage while streaming is to communicate with the audience and answer their questions. Some streamers perform tasks of viewers who send donations. But here we must be careful – the viewer can ask you for an action for which you will be banned by the site.
  • Regularity. This is especially important at the stage of gaining an audience. If you make streams seldom or drop them for a month or two, you can lose some of your subscribers.
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Examples of success in streaming:

American Tim Inzana and YouTube streamer Asian Andy.

What helped the success: the unconventional nature of the streams themselves. Tim Inzana decided to spend 100 days locked up in a barn (until the end of 2021) in the crosshairs of several cameras. All this time his life can be watched on his Twitch channel 24/7. During this self-isolation Tim is engaged in creativity and meditation – the streamer creates works of art from acrylic and aluminum. His income comes from donations, paid subscriptions to his channel, and the sale of his creations. For $5 million, Tim Inzana promises to live like this for five years.

What the streamer is about.

Another streamer, Asian Andy, hosted a sleep stream. By design, viewers who sent in donations had the right to disturb the streamer’s sleep with loud noises, music, and chat messages. The stream lasted for seven hours. The man never got a good night’s sleep, but managed to earn $16,000 that night. He held a few such streams and made a total of over 65,000 dollars. The fact that some of the broadcasts took place in hotel rooms added to the extreme.

There are a lot of freaks among streamers. They purposely create an image that causes a negative reaction or misleading. All for the sake of views and donations, of course.



Streaming can turn from a hobby into your main occupation and source of income. But do not take streaming as a way to make easy money – the number of streamers is growing every year.

But, as already mentioned, the income in this area is not limited. If you decide to start streaming, choose a topic, buy equipment, and think about how you’ll attract and retain viewers during the broadcasts.


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