Subscribing to hashtags on Instagram

December 12, 2017 Instagram informed its user about a new opportunity – subscription to hashtags. Few expected this update so soon, but promotion experts at Insta have long been talking about the need for such a feature.

Why was this update so much anticipated? Because it can seriously affect the promotion of commercial accounts.

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Instagram promotion

Every day, tens of millions of people post their photos, stories and videos tagging them with the appropriate set of hashtags. In addition, many SMM specialists create branded hashtags for the promoted account. Instagram also allowed adding hashtags to profile description… Thanks to this update, for example, you can follow not all the posts of one account, but only the selected ones, who are published under a certain hashtag.

How to subscribe to a hashtag on Instagram?

Subscribing to a hashtag on Instagram is no more difficult than subscribing to any user account. To subscribe, enter any hashtag in the search box or click on the desired tag from the post description. After that, you will find yourself on the hashtag page. Under the hashtag icon, where you can view Stories for it, there is a “Subscribe” button, which you need to click.

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The best posts by hashtag will start appearing in your feed.

You can unsubscribe from the hashtag at any time. Hashtag subscriptions are now in a separate tab of your subscriptions.

How to use hashtag subscriptions for promotion?

Despite the official information from Instagram about the rules for ranking posts in the feed from subscriptions by hashtags, at the moment, it is not entirely clear how this actually happens. Sometimes a post by hashtag appears as the 4th in a row, and after updating the feed, there are no posts at all.

Promotion on Instagram by hashtags

Also, by top hashtags best publications may change every hour and for different users the TOP looks different.

Nevertheless, due to the emergence of new functionality, the need to take positions in the TOP by hashtags like #manikurirkutsk or #salonbeautymoscow

And as we wrote above, the creation of branded hashtags and content categories on the account becomes mandatory for everyone and in the field that you usually assign to “Set soup” from hashtags, you can write text calling to subscribe to a specific hashtag. For instance, “If you don’t want to miss any of our new interior design work, subscribe to the hashtag #interior_design_from_us.”

It is also necessary to create viral content, because thanks to subscriptions to hashtags, its popularity, the number of likes and views can dramatically increase, even with good indicators already collected.

And also keep your finger on the pulse and keep track of all the new Instagram updates, because no one can say for sure what the service developers will roll out in the next update and how it will affect the community.

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