Target Hunter review: how to use the program, setting up parsing

TargetHunter Is an online service for parsing (collecting) the target audience on VKontakte… Offers over 90 different functions to find the people you want. Suitable for both beginners in setting up targeted advertising and for professionals.

Today I will introduce you to this service more closely and show you how to use its main functions.

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A quick tour of Target Hunter

Of all the VK parsers, it is Target Hunter that I like the most – ease of use, a combination of price and a set of functions.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of this service.

  1. Nice prices and flexible tariff plans… TargetHunter has a free plan, within which 24 functions and 1 task flow are available to you. In addition, you can buy both individual options and tariff plans that include everything you need. I am especially pleased with the opportunity to buy any tariff for 100 rubles for two days – to try the possibilities, or if you need functionality “for only 5 minutes”.
  2. Wide range of functions for parsing. At the moment, TargetHunter has about 90 different functions for finding a target audience.
  3. Easy integration with your ad account… You can add an ad account in two clicks.
  4. All collected lists, bases are stored in the cloud… You can return to working with them at any convenient moment.
  5. Active community, and adequate, prompt technical support.
  6. Permanent development and adding new functionality. If you read this article six months after its publication, it is highly likely that a lot will change on the service.

Let’s get down to the fun part. Let’s get acquainted with the functionality of Target Hunter.

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Parser functions

Immediately after registration, you will see a menu on the side with a list of the main functions of the service. It:

  1. Search. The name of the function is clear – it allows you to search for communities, users, parents, music lovers and much more.
    Search for communities by keywords in VKCommunities can be searched by keyword, geolocation, status. For example, if you need to target ads to residents of a certain city, you can parse communities by geolocation.
  2. Collection. These are functions for collecting various information. For example, when we already have a list of communities that we found through a keyword search, we can collect posts, polls, products, contacts, comments, and much more from them by setting the necessary parameters. For example, collect all the posts where the word “congratulations” was in the last week.
  3. Activity. It allows you to gather active people in communities: those who comment, like, repost, etc. Separately, you can find people who have changed their marital status.
  4. Analysis. A set of functions for analyzing the assembled audience. For example, you can analyze subscriber engagement in selected communities, targeted intros, and popular videos.
  5. Tools. Using TargetHunter, you can find the intersection of bases, audience segments, filter the found communities, and clear the collected list of users from bots.
  6. Base exchange… New functionality with which you can sell the assembled database or buy a ready-made one. For example, when I was preparing the article, there were such databases on sale as “Game audience ready to pay”, “Artik and Asti fans”. The audience you don’t like can be returned.
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How to work in Target Hunter – gathering an audience by parameters

Let’s now figure out how to work with specific tools, and why they are useful to us. To make it more interesting, we will solve certain problems.

How to collect community administrators

Let’s say we need to gather community administrators on construction in order to offer them mutually beneficial cooperation. It doesn’t matter how we do it – set up retargeting in VK, or we will knock on the PM – now we need to find these very administrators.

The logic is simple: first we need to build a community base about building. Yes, you could sit and search for them through a VKontakte search, but why waste time if there is TargetHunter?

Go to Search – Communities – Key phrase. We set the required parameters. Logically, we need official communities of companies with the words “construction”, “repair”, “construction company”, etc. in their names.

Parsing community administrators in VK

We name our task (so that later you can easily understand what kind of database we have collected – name it meaningfully), and click “Run”.

When the task is completed, you will see a notification about it on the right side of the interface.

When you click on a task, a list of communities will open in front of you. If everything is fine, save this list to the cloud.

We name the list and press “Create”, then “Save”.

We have a list of necessary communities, it remains to collect admins from them. Once you need to collect – go to the “Collection” section. Only you won’t find the “Administrators” function there or anything like that. You need to use the “Community Contacts” function. This will be the data of those people who administer the groups you collected.

Next, we need to either enter links to communities, or their id. But we have already parsed the list, the task is simplified – we just upload the database we have collected here.

With the help of the tool, we can collect either a user base, or a phone base, or a mail base. You can also specify where to parse data from – for example, from the “Contacts” block.

When parsing contacts from “Products”, please note that data will be collected only if, when you click “Write to seller”, a specific person is indicated, and not a community, as a recipient.

We name the task and start the collection. As a result, you will get a list that you can already use for your own purposes.

Active subscribers

You can also find an active audience of these communities: that is, those who actively like, repost, comment. As a rule, these are people who are sincerely interested in the topic.

You can catch such people using the Activity tool – Communities.

Parsing an active audience

We upload there a list of collected communities (let it be for construction, we have already collected it). You can set the desired parameters: for example, parse those who actively like posts or participate in discussions, or only those who like videos, or everyone who showed at least some activity.

I recommend not collecting activity from pinned posts. Often such posts are liked and re-posted by “stray” people.

Next, you need to set the period for which to take into account the activity (day, two, week) and set the number of activities.

We name and run the task. In a few minutes everything will be ready.

How to parse parents

We have solved this problem. Let’s say this: you are starting an early childhood development school in your city, and you want to offer moms and dads of young talents training with you. You need to collect parents of children aged 4 to 6 years. It will not be possible to set such parameters through the standard VK advertising account.

But through Target Hunter, you can find a similar audience. We go to Search – Parents. It remains to set the required parameters.

Parsing parents

The child’s age can be indicated in years or months. You can also ask the age of the parents, their marital status (for example, it is important for us that the child grows up in a complete family). It remains to set the gender of the parent (we are interested in both moms and dads), country and city.

We name the task and start the collection.

So we solved the problem – after a while you will have such a list in your hands, which can be immediately uploaded to the advertising office:

Audience parents

How to find a birthday couple

Let’s continue solving interesting problems. We have a gift shop and we want show ads to those who have a birthday soon

This problem can be easily solved in two stages.

First step: collecting birthday people.

To do this, go to Search – Birthdays.

You can set the period for which you want to search for birthdays – for example, a week or a range of your choice.

Gathering an audience by birthdays

You can set the age of the birthday person. It would be cool to make an offer: “Is your soul mate soon 25? And we have 25 “T-shirts for him, or something like that. So, it’s really possible to collect a database of those who will soon be 25.

Indicate gender, country, city – and forward.

We save the finished list to the cloud – this will make it more convenient to work with it further.

Second phase: we are looking for a couple at our birthday.

To do this, we need a ready-made base and the Collect – Pairs tool.

Now all that remains is to load the birthday database here and start the task.

In 5 minutes you will have a ready base in your hands.

How to collect user data

Through Target Hunter, you can parse user data such as phone numbers and emails. For example, then you can do e-mail newsletter or write to messengers.

Let’s say we need the phones of subscribers to the construction communities (we will continue this topic). We have collected communities. Now let’s parse the phone numbers.

To do this, go to Collection – User Contacts.

Collecting user data

We load the list of communities, indicate which contacts we want to collect and in what form we should submit them, name and launch the task. In the same way, you can collect Skype, Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal accounts.

You can also collect a base of Instagram users that are on Vkontakte. For example, we want to know which of our birthday people are on Instagram.

We go to the Collection – Instagram; choose VK- Instagram.

Further along the thumbnail – we load the list of birthday people, indicate where to parse the data from, and in what format to submit it to us. For example, collect data from a profile and submit the result as a list of IDs.

As you can see, Target Hunter will allow you to solve any problem of collecting a target audience for setting up an advertising campaign or other goals.

How to add a ready-made base to your ad account

You can add the finished base to your ad account. This can be done in two ways: directly from the service or by uploading a file.

Method one

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First you need to add your ad account to TargetHunter. If you have not added it yet, you can do it through the Advertising Cabinet – Management.

Now you can add any base to your ad account directly from TargetHunter.

When you have collected the base, just open the list from the task menu and click on the crosshair icon.

Then you choose your ad account, create a new audience or save the base to an existing one (if necessary).

Now you can go to your VKontakte advertising account, in the Retargeting section. There you will see your audience already loaded (or loading).

Method two

You can save the list as a file and upload it through the ad account.

To do this, open the list in the right menu, where all our completed tasks are. Select “Save user links to a file” (button with an icon in the form of a chain).

The text file is saved on your computer.

Now we go to the advertising account on VKontakte – Retargeting. Click “Create Audience”, name the new audience and select the file on your computer.

And further …

That’s all. The audience source will read “File”. If the audience is loaded directly, then the API is indicated by the source.

With the help of Target Hunter, you can perform many interesting tasks for which the functionality of the social network itself is not enough. You can collect a wide variety of data, from community followers to their phone numbers and accounts in other social networks.

Save yourself the instructions for working with this service, it will help you, as in group promotion in VKand in setting up targeted advertising!

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