Telegram bots for Instagram: for text, viewing stories, downloading

With the help of Telegram bots, you can optimize routine tasks on Instagram – divide text into paragraphs, download a story, generate hashtags.

In the article, we list 10 useful bots for Instagram.

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10 useful Telegram bots for Instagram

For text

@ text4instabot – Telegram bot for splitting text into paragraphs for Instagram posts. By default, on Instagram, text is saved as a solid canvas, even if you first divide it into paragraphs in a text editor. It’s fine for a short note, but long text is inconvenient to read.

You can get out of this situation by separating paragraphs with dots or emoji. Or you can run the text through the bot. Click “Start” or use the / start command.

How to split text into paragraphs for Instagram

Now you need to send the text to the bot.

Important: the text must already be indented, that is, it must be divided into regular paragraphs.

Indented text for Instagram

Visually, both options look the same, but the second (processed by the bot) will be displayed on Instagram correctly (with indents), and the first will be saved as a canvas.

The bot also knows how to display text in the center, make it bold, underline and strikethrough.

@voicybot – converts audio to text. You can say the text of a post to a bot, and it converts it – for those who like to save time. We launch the bot and select the language (Russian is supported).

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Telegram bot that converts audio to text

Then we just send a voice message to the bot, and it starts recognition. For the best quality, pronounce the words as clearly as possible.

How to translate audio message to text

Minus: you still have to edit the text – the bot does not put punctuation marks and does not recognize abbreviations or English words in Russian text. For example, he recognized the CTR as “cityart”.

For hashtags

@ihash_bot – to select hashtags for pictures. It is enough to throw a picture into the bot, and it will pick up the tags. Launch @ihash_bot, first you need to select the language, click “Language”.

Telegram bot for selecting hashtags on Instagram

In the drop-down list, select the desired one, for example, Russian. Now we need to add a picture that we will use in the post or a similar one.

Selection of hashtags by picture

The bot recognizes objects in the photo, checks the frequency of requests and displays a list of tags in Russian and English.

For contests

@getlikersbot – bot for choosing a winner by likes. Minus – for the bot to work, you need to subscribe to the developers’ Telegram channel.

To get a list of those who liked the post, you need to enter the link to the post on Instagram.

Telegram bot for choosing a winner by likes on Instagram

The bot starts counting likes, it takes time. The result comes from a link leading to the developer’s site.


All users who have liked are displayed, logins are clickable – you can go and see any profile.

Who liked

The main advantage of the bot is that it has a random number generator, that is, you can determine the winner without resorting to the help of third-party services. On the page opened by the link, press the button “Determine the winner”.

Telegram bot to determine the winner in the competition

Done – the winner is known in a couple of seconds. If there should be several winners in the competition, click the “Add another winner” button.

@getcombot – Telegram bot for choosing a winner based on comments on Instagram. Bot from the same developers as the previous one. It works on the same principle – we send a link to the post to analyze comments and wait for the bot to calculate everything.

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Telegram bot for choosing a winner based on comments on Instagram

You can filter comments by the number of tagged friends, for example, count only those who tagged 2 friends (maximum 3).

Determination of the winner based on comments on Instagram

Here you can also determine the winner using the random number generator.

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For competitor analysis (spies)

@IGSpyBot – Telegram bot for anonymous viewing of Instagram stories and statistics of competitors’ posts. To get started, send a username or a link to his profile.

You can also send a link:

  • to the post;
  • a selection of stories;
  • on IGTV.

Telegram bot for anonymous viewing of Instagram stories and statistics of competitors' postsWe select the desired action, for example, viewing stories.

Anonymous viewing of stories

The bot shows all stories added to the account in the last 24 hours. Each story can be viewed and downloaded.

How to download a story on Instagram through a bot in Telegram

If you click on the “Posts” button in the list of commands, you can see the statistics of the author’s posts. The post type (photo or video), publication date, number of likes and comments are displayed.

Statistics of other people's posts on Instagram

You can click on any entry – the bot will show the original.

How to see someone else's post on Instagram

@getpapabot – to analyze statistics and subscribers of someone else’s profile. This is the third bot from bot creators @getlikersbot and @getcombot. To get started, you need to specify the account login with the dog icon, for example, @dobroe_utro_strana.

Important: The profile must be open. The data collection time depends on the number of subscribers.

Bot in Telegram for analysis for statistics of subscribers of someone else's profile

In order to download the full list of subscribers and analytical data, you need to pay (at the time of this writing, 200 rubles).

The bot shows:

  • type of subscriber profiles – open, closed, business profiles;
  • subscribers by the number of subscriptions and other data.

Instagram account statistics

You can also download text files sorted by data type, for example:

  • only closed accounts;
  • subscribers with less than 500 outbound subscriptions.
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Alternative option: Services for analyzing statistics on Instagram

@InstaPoliceRobot – to see the real number of views of the carousel post (the bot works only with this type of content). At the same time, there must be at least one video in the carousel. A bot is useful if you need to find out if a competitor is winding up views on Instagram. You can also check bloggers before ordering ads from them. And although it is impossible to check all posts in this way, the very fact of using markups characterizes the account owner.

To start the analysis, you need to send a link to a post-carousel that contains at least one video.

Instagram carousel analysis

As you can see from the screenshot, the bot counted 19 likes with 3 views. This suggests that either the author uses cheat, or subscribers like it without watching the video in the carousel.

To download content

@SaveAsBot – Telegram bot that allows you to download photos, videos, IGTV and text from Instagram (as well as TikTok and Pinterest). All you need is to send a link to the post. We sent a link to the post-gallery, as a result, the bot unloaded all the photos from the carousel and sent the post text separately.

Telegram bot that allows you to download photos, videos, IGTV and text from Instagram

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To track comments and brand mentions

@morecom_bot – bot for tracking comments and mentions on Instagram. Works in conjunction with the paid service MORECOM. Sends comments and brand references to Telegram. You can reply to a comment or delete it directly in Telegram. It is possible to send data to a group chat if several employees are working with them.

Telegram bot to track comments and mentions on Instagram

Minus: You must have a business account linked to Facebook.


Use Telegram bots when you need to download content from Instagram, make “correct paragraphs” for a post, come up with hashtags or analyze competitors.

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