Telegram now allows streaming with other apps


Telegram has introduced a new option for video streaming, thanks to which the messenger can be fully used for streaming.

Starting today, group and channel administrators can use programs such as OBS Studio or XSplit Broadcaster to manage broadcasts.

The new feature will allow you to switch between multiple windows, add useful information on top of the image or use the green screen. Let’s find out how to use the new functionality.

How to make a Telegram stream: step by step instructions

  • Step 1. Open your channel profile and click “Stream”.
  • Step 2. In the menu that opens, select “Start with”.
  • Step 3. Copy the information that appears (broadcast key and server link) into the desired program and start the stream.
  • Step 4: Go back to Telegram and press “Start the broadcast.


Viewers will need an updated version of Telegram apps to view new broadcasts.

Streaming in groups and channels is possible without a limit on the number of viewers.

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