The 10 Best Targeted Advertising Courses

We have already written about who a targetologist is and what he does. In short, this is a specialist in setting up and launching advertising on the Internet. Its task is to make sure that ads are seen not by everyone, but only by the target audience. The targeting specialist brings clients to customers and saves the advertising budget due to the precise settings of the advertising campaign.

As you can imagine, such specialists are always in demand, and they also earn good money. To start working as a targeting specialist, you just need to take an online course.

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We have made a selection of high-quality targeted advertising courses for those who want to master the profession of “targeting” and for those who have already started their way in targeting and want to become a professional.

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How to choose a course for a beginner and those who already have basic knowledge

What to look for and by what criteria to choose courses:

  • level of preparation – the course is designed for beginners or professionals;
  • what is included in the program;
  • what social networks, tools and services for the targetologist understand on the course;
  • what other areas are affected by the course;
  • training format (in this collection there are online courses);
  • are there mentors and practical exercises;
  • duration of the course;
  • cost of education;
  • do they offer help in finding a job.

Targeting Training: The 10 Best Courses on Targeted Advertising

A selection of TOP courses:

Target Engineer from Zero to Pro

A comprehensive targeting course from zero to pro at Skillbox school with real employment and first projects in 4 months. Students receive 3,000 rubles to promote their business on each advertising platform during their studies.

Who suits – beginner targetologists and SMM specialists, marketers, people who want to master a new profession.

What is included in the course:

  • everything related to targeting – advertising accounts, creatives, audience and competitor analysis, conversion counting;
  • web analytics;
  • end-to-end analytics;
  • digital strategy;
  • bonus courses in Excel and Photoshop;

What students get at the exit – certificate of graduation, assistance in finding a job, a prestigious profession.

Course duration – you can study at a comfortable pace.

The cost – from 3,900 rubles per month. The first payment is in 6 months, that is, you can start studying, take orders during the course and then pay the rest. More >>

Targeted advertising for newbies

Targeted Advertising Courses for Newbies

Another basic targeting course from the Netology school. Learning from scratch. Students of this course receive a 50% discount on the Design for Social Media course to make it easier to create creative for RK. Each student receives 2,000 rubles for practice (the launch of the first RCs during training).

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Who suits – those who want to change their profession, SMM specialists, marketers.

What is included in the course:

  • introduction to the profession;
  • fundamentals of analytics;
  • work with creatives;
  • main advertising accounts – VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, MyTarget;
  • strategy creation;
  • finance and reporting;
  • bonus – work with TikTok and Twitter.

What students get at the exit – certificate of completion of courses, skills in setting up targeted advertising in social networks. The student with the best thesis will receive 15,000 rubles as a gift to launch his own RC.

Course duration – almost 4 months.

The cost – 37,425 if paid in one payment or from 3,119 rubles per month if paid in installments. More >>

Targeted Advertising Pro

Advanced targeting course for specialists

This is an advanced course from Netology, it is not for beginners, but for those who already understand targeting and want to reach the professional level. It can be completed after the previous basic course. You will learn how to work with complex projects and large budgets, gain additional knowledge that will help you earn more.

Who suits – Junior targeting specialists, freelance targeting specialists, targeting specialists in the agency.

What is included in the course:

  • where to grow the targetologist;
  • work with large companies;
  • advanced analytics;
  • advanced reporting;
  • professional work with creatives;
  • in-depth study of advertising formats and cabinets;
  • cases for the promotion of standard projects.

What students get at the exit – Certificate of completion of the course, portfolio for customers, in-depth knowledge of targeting, which will help you reach the next level and take more expensive orders.

Course duration – 4 months.

The cost – 35 685 rubles in one payment or from 2 974 rubles per month if paid in installments. More >>

Targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram

A hands-on 59-unit course that will make you a pro in setting up Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Online course on targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Who suits – newcomers to targeting who want to become a pro in placing ads in two top social networks, entrepreneurs, marketers, SMM specialists.

What is included in the course:

  • Facebook advertising strategy;
  • development of advertising content;
  • creation and launch of RK;
  • advanced ad settings in your account;
  • analysis and optimization of advertising;
  • bonus article on content marketing.

What students get at the exit – Official certificate of City Business School, knowledge of how to run ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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Course duration – 1-3 months.

The cost – 19 800 rubles. More >>

Social Media Advertising Specialist, Targeting Specialist – Course from Convert Monster

Training to become a specialist in social media advertising

A course from the Convert Monster Internet Marketing Training Center. Supervised training and 30 days of post-course support. You can watch 3 lessons of the course for free.

Who suits – novice marketers, entrepreneurs.

What is included in the course (20 practical sessions 1.5 hours each):

  • introduction to the profession;
  • pixels of advertising systems;
  • avatar development;
  • landing pages;
  • installation of the Google Analytics counter;
  • creation of creatives;
  • setting up ads in VK;
  • Google Tag Manager;
  • work with the Cerebro Target service;
  • advertising visualization in Google Data Studio
  • work with the Target Hunter service;
  • setting up Facebook ads;
  • setting up ads in MyTarget;
  • analytics.

What students get at the exit – certificate in the specialty “Social media advertising specialist, targetologist” with the recommendation and signature of the director of Convert Monster, your project (website or landing page), ready to launch traffic from social networks, documents, checklists, templates and instructions for future work, recordings and presentations of all activities.

Course duration – 2.5 months.

The cost – from 3 250 rubles per month. You can use an installment plan.

Basic Targeting Course

Basic Targeting Course

A course for beginners from the Republic SMM school. The school sends a free trial lesson. Training on real projects in VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram and MyTarget. After completing the course, students still have access to 32 GB of videos and 68 documents, checklists, templates and instructions from the personal collection of the Republic SMM agency.

Who suits – beginners who want to learn the basic principles of targeting from scratch and launch their first advertising campaigns, as well as entrepreneurs and marketers.

What is included in the course (15 video lessons):

What students get at the exit – certificate of professional training in the specialty “targetologist” + letter of recommendation signed by the General Director of the Republic.

Course duration – the course can be completed in 2 months, but the school provides a personal curator for 90 days.

The cost – 16,500 rubles for self-study, 26,600 rubles for training with a mentor (homework is added).

Targeted advertising from IMBA

Targeting courses

Powerful targeting course from IMBA – Ingate’s Business Academy. The top students of the course can get jobs at Ingate, partner companies, or even become an IMBA curator.

Who suits – novice practicing targetologists, SMM-specialists, entrepreneurs, marketers.

What is included in the course (154 lessons):

  • introduction to targeting;
  • preparation and maintenance of social networks for business;
  • counting conversions;
  • analysis of the audience and competitors;
  • preparation of creatives;
  • parsing;
  • setting up retargeting;
  • work with the most popular advertising offices;
  • search for clients.

What students get at the exit – a diploma of completion of the course, the opportunity to work in Ingate or partner companies.

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Course duration – 3.5 months.

The cost – 45,000 rubles in one payment or 3,900 rubles per month if paid in installments.

Targeted advertising from TexTerra

Online course target

Online course from the best SMM specialists of TexTerra content marketing agency.

Who suits – for beginners wishing to master the profession of “Targetologist”.

What is included in the course (10 lessons, 1.5 hours each):

  • introduction to targeting;
  • analysis of target audience;
  • building a strategy;
  • creating advertisements, working with creatives;
  • preparation of RK for launch;
  • retargeting and parsing;
  • lectures on advertising rooms;
  • how to find the first customers.

What students get at the exit – Certificate of completion of the course, basic skills of the profession “Targetologist”.

Course duration – 2 months.

The cost – 7,000 rubles for independent study, 14,000 rubles with feedback from a teacher, 20,000 rubles with individual consultations. You can pay for the course in installments.

Free course: Target VKontakte

Free course: Target VKontakte

A full-fledged free course on targeting on the VKontakte social network from with the support of SMMplanner.

Who suits – beginner targeting experts who want to become VK advertising professionals.

What is included in the course (30 lessons 10 minutes each):

  • an introductory block of 6 lessons;
  • creation of advertisements;
  • setting up advertising in the ad account;
  • conducting a full-fledged advertising campaign on VKontakte;
  • launching advertising on the marketplace;
  • additional ways to find the target audience.

What students get at the exit – knowledge about targeting in VK.

Course duration – 300 minutes, you can study at any pace.

The cost – is free.

Targeting course from training center Brunojam

Targeting course

A course on targeting in popular social networks – VK, Facebook, Instagram, as well as on YouTube video hosting. Video lessons for 15 minutes. During training, a personal tutor is provided.

Who suits – novice targetologists, entrepreneurs.

What is included in the course:

  • introduction to targeting;
  • competitors, USP and lead magnets;
  • landing sites;
  • promo posts;
  • targeting on VK, Facebook and Instagram;
  • YouTube targeting;
  • chips of advertising offices;
  • work with statistics;
  • work with customers.

What students get at the exit – certificate of completion of training at the Brunojam training center, basic knowledge sufficient to start taking orders, assistance in finding a job.

Course duration – 3 months.

The cost – 15 900 rubles when paying in one payment, from 1325 rubles when paying in installments.


In a few months, you can learn the prestigious profession of targeting and earn 25,000 rubles from each project per month (and there may be several of them). Successful targeting experts receive 80,000 – 100,000 rubles a month. Depending on your goals, you can learn basic targeting skills (for example, if you are an entrepreneur and want to attract more social media customers) or become a professional targeting expert.

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