The 25 most common mistakes in Instagram – why they occur and what to do about them


Sometimes Instagram users face system errors. For example, with an error logging into the application, a problem when subscribing to the account, an error updating the feed. Some problems appear when developers implement new functionality and disappear on their own after a while. Others disappear after updating the app. For others, there are separate solutions.

In this article, let’s talk about the most common Instagram system bugs and how to fix them.

We tell you about the 25 most common problems of this application, which users face.

Instagram video selfies error

Instagram launched the video-selfies feature for identity confirmation to reduce the number of bots and fake accounts on the social network. For some users, the function immediately began to work with an error. For example, a white screen could appear, so the selfies wouldn’t count and you couldn’t log in to your account.

Solution: download an earlier version of Instagram without the selfies feature (no later than August 2021) from the sites distributing .apk files. Or follow Instagram updates – sooner or later there will be a version where this bug will be fixed. If you need Instagram here and now – then download the old version.

Note: The method is suitable for owners of Android devices. For iOS, there are also sites that distribute applications (they have the format .ipa), but there are fewer of them and it is more difficult to find applications outside of the App Store than for Android.

Instagram doesn’t update the feed of posts and Reels

The feed is either gone altogether (white screen), or just not updated.

Solution: go to from your computer or phone browser (not the app). Go to your account, click on “Edit profile.

At the bottom in the settings, click on “Temporarily disable my account.” You can specify a problem logging into the app or app errors as the reason.

You will be redirected to the login page. Next, you should restart your phone and clear the cache of the PC browser. Then you need to log in to with your login and password. Then you can enter the application from the phone. The error should disappear.

Missing the pause and rewind line of the video

That is, it is impossible to stop the video or switch to the desired fragment of the recording.

Solution: download an older version of Instagram on sites that distribute .apk files. Or delete Instagram from your phone, reboot the device and re-install the application from the marketplace.

The inscription “Sorry, there was an error.

What should I do if Instagram shows “Sorry, there was an error” when I signed in?

Sorry, there was an Instagram error

Solution: it’s worth using several solutions until the error is resolved. Try the methods in order and check whether the warning will be shown or not:

  • Exit the app, close it in Task Manager (so it’s not open in the background) and log in again;
  • try to sign in via Facebook, if it’s linked to Instagram;
  • try logging in through, and then through the app;
  • Clear the cache on your phone and re-enter the app;
  • update the app;
  • Log in through the reset password link;

If nothing worked – try going to from your computer, logging in and changing your password in your account settings. Then log in to the app from your phone with the new password.

Instagram hangs when you try to log in from your phone

The error subject: the application unlogged you, but when you try to enter your login and password, it hangs and doesn’t allow you to enter your account.

Solution: in the authorization window click on “Forgot your password?”, in the window that will open enter the phone number linked to your account. A window will open and you’ll need to enter the code from the SMS. Or Instagram will send you a link to reset your password. After this Instagram will open your profile. If the SMS did not come right away, you need to repeat the procedure.

The reset password link does not work

The essence of the error: let’s say you forgot your Instagram account password. Open the app, click the “Forgot your password?” button, enter your phone number or email address, and Instagram will send you a link to reset your password. Click it, and you’re redirected back to the window where you need to enter your contacts to reset your password. And so many times.

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Solution: Do the same procedure, but not through the Instagram app, but through the browser on your phone. Open a browser like Chrome, click on “Forgot your password?”, enter your contact, and then click on the link to reset your password. Make up a new password and log in to your account.


Can’t subscribe to Instagram

The essence of the error: you try to subscribe to someone else’s profile, you click on the subscribe button. At first Instagram seems to subscribe you, but then the button becomes blue again, as if you have not signed up.

Solution: update the app or go to Instagram through your PC and try to subscribe on the social networking site.

Error 403

The essence of the error: when trying to open Instagram from a PC, the user sees a white screen and the inscription “403 error”.

Solution: there are 3 main solutions to the problem.

  • Reload the page;
  • try accessing the site later;
  • clear the browser cache and cookies.

Error 1011

This error can occur when trying to open the Instagram app from a mobile device. The profile does not open and a warning pops up with an error number.

Solution: try several solutions until you can’t access the profile.

  • restart the app;
  • restart the phone and reopen Instagram;
  • Disable wi-fi on your phone and try to sign in via mobile internet;
  • install an older version of Instagram (look for .apk on special sites);
  • Or on the contrary to update the application if there is already a new version;

5xx Server Error

The malfunction can appear when logging into Instagram from a PC. An error message is displayed on a white background. There are 3 possible causes – a problem on the side of the Instagram server, problems on the side of your Internet service provider, a browser failure.

Solution: if the problem occurred on Instagram servers, for example, because of a DDoS attack, you only have to wait until it is fixed. In other cases you can try to do the following (try the methods one by one):

  • try to enter Instagram from another device;
  • restart the browser;
  • Clear the browser cache and cookies and try to sign in again;
  • Log in through an anonymizer;
  • Restart the router;
  • Log in through a different network, for example, mobile, if previously you were sitting with wi-fi;

Cannot add a description to the post in Instagram

You made up a description for the post, but it is not saved. Or it disappears after posting.

Solution: first it is worth checking whether you have not violated the limits and rules of Instagram. Perhaps, in addition to problems with the description you will notice other restrictions. If not, then you need to make sure that you have not exceeded the character limit of the text and have not specified too many doggie icons – @ (there can be no more than five). If the limits have not been violated, and the account has not been caught in a shadow ban or under the usual restrictions, you can try the following:

  • remove hashtags in the text, replace them, or reduce their number;
  • reduce the description text;
  • reduce the number of emoji;
  • change some words (perhaps there are some forbidden words or phrases in the text);
  • not to make the same description under different photos (it can be perceived as spam);

If the whole post was deleted, that is, not only the text, but also the photo, most likely the reason is a violation of Instagram rules or someone complained about you (for example, copyright violation or offensive content).

Can’t leave a comment under a post

This problem usually occurs if you violate the limits, fall under Instagram’s restrictions or spam in the comments.

Solution: if the reason is restrictions, wait until they are removed. Also, you should not write more than 5 characters doggie (@) in comments and more than 30 hashtags. Also, you can’t write the same comment two or more times in a row and use too many emoji in the text. As with posts, comments can reveal forbidden words and phrases – you shouldn’t write everything in a row.

“Sorry, there was an error during account creation. Try again later.”

Such an error can occur when trying to create a new Instagram account. It triggers the protection against fictitious registrations. Arbitrators in particular may encounter such a problem. You may also get an inscription “Unfortunately, you can’t create a new account now.

Solution: try several ways.

  • Update or reinstall the Instagram app;
  • Reloading your router will help if your ISP uses dynamic IP addresses, if static, you’ll have to switch to another way;
  • Try to disable the proxy server in your browser. You need to open the browser settings – advanced – network – proxy settings – network settings. In front of the item “Use a proxy server for local connections” should not be a tick. If there is – uncheck it and
  • try to register in Instagram again;
  • To try to register from another network (from mobile internet, wi-fi of a friend, public wi-fi, for example in a cafe);
  • To try registration via Facebook.
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“Unknown network error”

“Unknown network error” in Instagram most often occurs when trying to log into the application from a mobile device. In this case, you are thrown out of the account, that is, you need to re-authorize. The problem may be on the side of the Instagram server, or on the side of your Internet service provider.

Solution: try several. If the problem on the side of the server Instagram, after a while the error itself will disappear. Just wait and try to log in again later. In other cases, the solutions are as follows:

  • check your Internet connection, restart your router;
  • Clear the Instagram cache in the application settings on your phone;
  • reinstall the Instagram app or update it;
  • Try to sign in from another network;
  • If you used a VPN, disable it;

“Invalid username / password.”

The problem can occur both when registering, and when trying to log in to the application with your data.

Solution: try several.

  • Clear the application cache;
  • Update the application or reinstall it;
  • try logging in from a PC via;

“Edits not saved.”

The error occurs when you try to edit a post. Most often the cause is a large number of hashtags or text in the post.

Solution: do not add more than 30 hashtags, better limit yourself to 3-5, shorten the text, remove words and phrases that might seem suspicious to the social network algorithms.

“There is already an Instagram profile linked to the specified email address or cell phone number”.

The error occurs when you try to register a new Instagram profile. This is not a system error, most likely you have already registered an account with these contacts before, but forgot about it.

Solution: try a different email address or phone number when registering. Or delete the old profile with these contacts and register a new one. In the second case, you need to wait until Instagram completely deletes the data from its database, usually this is the time given for the opportunity to restore the account.

“Unstable Internet connection.”

The error occurs due to poor speed of your Internet or failures in data transmission.

Solution: restart your router, if you’re using wi-fi, try another network, like mobile internet. If the problem is on provider’s side – contact technical support and wait until fixing it.

Error feedback required

Or “Temporary blocking of actions” error. Appears when Instagram limits are violated. Often happens with careless accrual in Instagram, massfollowing, and massliking.

Solution: wait until restrictions are removed by Instagram. In the future, you should promote yourself more carefully in Instagram, do not use the old methods of promotion. For example, you can change the scam service, buy paid proxies for Instagram or completely abandon the scams and promote yourself manually.

Login & Challenge required

Or “Suspicious login attempt. Usually Instagram sends a code to your phone or email to confirm your identity. The reason for the error is frequent changes of IP. Occurs with careless use of acceleration programs.

Solution: confirm your identity via security code. Then use paid proxies and be careful with recruitment services. It is better to choose programs in which you can manually set the limits, time and number of actions, so that your actions are perceived by social network algorithms as naturally as possible.

Error 2 and 6 in Reels

Error number 2 occurs when you try to upload a video to Reels. Causes of the error: a failure on the server of Instagram, unstable Internet connection, an old version of the application, ran out of memory on the device.

Solution: try several until the error disappears.

  • Check your Internet connection, you can try to log in through another network;
  • update Instagram or uninstall and reinstall the application;
  • Clear the memory of your device;
  • If you use a proxy or VPN when you sign in to Instagram, you can disable them and sign in the application the usual way;
  • if the problem is on the side of the Instagram server – wait for a fix;
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Error 6 in Reels also occurs when uploading videos or trying to view the feed videos. The reason is due to a bad Internet connection.

Solution: the solution should be to fix the problems with logging into the network. What you can do:

  • restart the router;
  • if logging in from a mobile device – restart the device or network and try to log in to the application again;
  • Use another network to log in, for example wi-fi in a cafe;
  • try logging in via;
  • try logging in through Facebook.

“Wait a few minutes” error

The essence of the error: Instagram does not allow to perform a certain action, for example, to subscribe or leave a comment, like. Most often arises as a way to combat scrambles, but there may be other reasons.

Causes of the error: careless use of the acceleration programs, logging in from an unusual device (for example, you mostly use Instagram at home from your phone and then logged in from your office computer), hacking of your account by third parties, problems on the side of Instagram’s servers.

Solution: if the problems are on the side of Instagram – wait for them to be fixed. If the reason is that you changed your login device – you need to wait a few minutes and try again. If it’s because your account was compromised – take steps to protect it, such as changing your password. If the reason is inaccurate use of the addiction services – change the tactics of their use, or change the program, or abandon the addiction services altogether.

Instagram doesn’t promote the publication and gives an error

The problem occurs when trying to promote publications in Instagram. One of the main reasons is when you have one Facebook account tied to your promoted Instagram account and you are trying to use a different account. The second reason is when you are trying to promote a personal account instead of a business account. The third reason is that the Facebook advertising account is not tied to Instagram at all.

Solution: move the personal account to business profile status. Link the Facebook ad page and Instagram business page. In other cases, try switching to a Facebook account that is directly linked to the promoted Instagram account. To unlink the current Facebook page and link another one, you need to go to Instagram settings, then go to “Account” – “Linked accounts” – “Facebook” – “Unlink to account” – “Yes, unlink”. Next, in the same way, you need to link the desired Facebook ad page, through which you plan to run ads in Instagram. The problem with promotion should disappear.

You should also log into Facebook, open the settings of the advertising account, go to “Roles for the advertising account”, click “Add people” and check which Instagram account is tied.

“Request failed.”

The problem occurs when trying to sign in to Instagram or when trying to promote publications on the social network.

Solution: try several options:

  • Log in to Instagram later;
  • Reinstall the application or update it;
  • reset the password;
  • to try to log in through another network;
  • try to log in from a PC through;
  • try logging in to Instagram via Facebook;

If the problem occurs when trying to promote publications, you need to check if the correct FB ad account is linked to your Instagram business profile (see the previous error). If nothing helps, it’s worth writing to Instagram tech support.


Problem with advancing storis

Can arise for three reasons: wrong aspect ratio (should be 9:16 or 4:5-1,91:1), too many interactive stickers or outdated posters which are or should be gone at the moment of advertising launch.

Solution: get the storis into the right format, don’t use more than 5 interactive elements (you can’t use polling stickers, music, don’t add the “swipe up” call, smiley faces and gif), use current storis when planning your ad campaigns.


If you have encountered any of the problems listed in the article, but have not been able to fix it, you can try to contact Instagram tech support, and they will tell you what you can do. But keep in mind that you can wait a long time for an answer or not at all. Usually the listed solutions are enough to eliminate system errors Instagram. We advise to update the application in time – this will help to avoid most of the problems.


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