The 9 best video builders. Where to make a short video quickly


Video Builder is an online service where you can quickly make videos for your social networks or website without needing help from specialists. Video builders are available to beginners and don’t require any serious skills – you can get to grips with them in less than a day.

To make a movie, you don’t need to study complex editing programs like Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro – just choose the right service and you can start creating.

In this article we picked up 10 cool video builders, described their main features, as well as the pros and cons.

Criteria for Evaluating Video Creation Services

We looked at several main criteria of video builders:

  • Price. There are completely free builders (mentioned rarely), conditionally free – you can download the video, but with poor quality and a watermark (+ may be other restrictions), and paid ones.
  • Export formats. Most designers export video in mp4 format, but some allow you to download the video as a gifku or copy the html code to paste into the site.
  • Templates. Most designers have ready-made video templates, which you can remake for yourself. Somewhere there are more templates, somewhere less.
  • Language. There are several services, that are completely in Russian, there are services that support multiple languages and some in English only.
  • Audio. Allows you to apply your own sound or choose standard melodies from the library.


TOP 9 Video Editors

This is a selection of video designers.

VKontakte video constructor

There is a free built-in video editor in the VKontakte account. Videos created there can be used for advertising campaigns. For more details on how to make a video in the VK constructor, read our article.

The designer is very simple, you can choose the aspect ratio (square, rectangle, vertical video), the duration of each slide – from 2 to 20 seconds, transition effect, built-in music library.

The video is made of slides replacing each other. Each slide can have a background in the form of an image or color fill, add text, edit the font. The video can be looped.

When saving the video, you need to specify the community where it will be saved (a separate folder “Promotional Videos” will appear there). You can publish the video in your group or leave it hidden from your subscribers. You can also save the clip template and then use it to make other videos.

  • Price: free.
  • Language: Russian.
  • Export formats: you can not export to a file, you can only save in a community or advertising office. Video can only be downloaded to your computer using third-party programs, such as VK Saver.
  • Templates: no.
  • Audio: you can not download your music, the built-in library contains only 20 tracks.


  • it is very easy to make a video;
  • the video can be used immediately for RK;
  • there is built-in music;
  • its own image library.


  • few features, no additional effects;
  • only 2 types of transitions – transparency and flash (or transition without effect);
  • little music;
  • You can not save videos to your computer without using third-party programs.
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Canva is a well-known service that was originally designed as a graphics editor. Here you can create posts and covers for social networks, business cards, posters, logos, and much more. Now you can make animated posts and storis in Canva, and then save them in mp4 or GIF format.

  • Price: free limited edition and Pro plan for $9.95 per month.
  • Export formats: export to GIF and mp4.
  • Templates: available. Ready-made templates only square (size 800 px x 800 px), but you can take any static template and add there animated objects.
  • Audio: has its own library of music.


  • easy to figure out;
  • a lot of templates and animated objects;
  • Library of photos and videos from stock;
  • You can make not only video, but also graphics in jpg and png formats.


  • videos can only be downloaded on the Pro rate.



Crello is an improved version of Canva. Here, too, you can make graphics for social networks and save videos, but Crello has more animated templates and objects. The idea of offering people a free editor with animation was originally Crello’s. In Canva at the time you could only make weak gifs. But now the editors are almost indistinguishable from each other, even their interfaces are similar.

  • Price: free limited edition and Pro version from $7.99/month.
  • Export formats: export to GIF and mp4.
  • Templates: there are square video templates, vertical templates for storis, Facebook video cover format and full HD 1920px x 1080px. Plus you can take any static template and add animated objects to it.
  • Audio: none.


  • Over 32,000 videos and animations;
  • 9,000 ready-to-use video templates that are updated every week;
  • library of stock images;
  • you can upload your own fonts;
  • you can make not only videos, but also graphics in jpg and png formats;
  • there is a Crello app for iOS and Android devices.


  • videos can only be downloaded on the Pro plan;
  • the service hangs when you use a lot of animation.


Как быстро сделать видеоролик

Veed is a simple video editor. You can add text, images, stickers, shapes and music to your video. Suitable for those who need to assemble a simple video in a quick way. Video can be trimmed, sped up or slowed down, add your own watermark and subtitles. The editor has filters and several ready-made templates for Instagram posts and storis.

  • Price: free version, $20/month monthly plan and $200/month annual plan.
  • Language: English.
  • Export formats: export to GIF and mp4.
  • Templates: available in several sizes – original, square, 16:9 (suitable for Youtube), 4:5 and 5:4 for Facebook (+ format for the cover), vertical for posts and Tic Toc, templates for Pinterest.

Audio: no built-in library, you can upload your own track.


  • easy to figure out;
  • There are effects, you can add emoji and visual equalizer for audio;
  • you can set up automatic subtitles to videos or add them manually.
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  • few templates;
  • no library of videos and images – everything must be downloaded from your computer;
  • few filters;
  • In the free version, the video size is only 420px, there is a watermark, the limit for downloading files (50 mb).



Animaker is a powerful designer in which you can create videos with 2D animation, drawn videos (Whiteboard), video infographics and typography, promotional videos, congratulations. Video is created from the scenes, where animated characters and static objects from the library are added. Each character has several animation options.

  • Price: free, individual pricing for $ 12 per month, Startup for $ 19 per month and Business for $ 39 per month.
  • Language: Russian, English.
  • Export formats: mp4.
  • Patterns: there are, mainly the standard horizontal 16:9.
  • Audio: there is a library of music and sound effects, you can upload your own track.


  • there are ready-made scene templates;
  • it is easy to make a video – you just need to select the background, drag and drop the animated character and adjust the transitions;
  • there is ready-made music and sound effects;
  • there is a built-in tool to create a voiceover.


  • few characters and objects are available in the free version;
  • commercial use of video is only allowed on the Business rate;
  • on the Free plan you can save only 5 videos a month in low SD quality 854 px x 480 px;
  • in the free version the video is watermarked.



PowToon is the professional analogue of Animaker. It has much more possibilities for creating videos, a pleasant interface, heaps of animated characters, objects and scenes. Suitable for creating commercial videos and presentations.

There are two modes of working with video: edit – you can make minor changes to the template (eg, replace text or animation) and create – a full-fledged editor, where you can add new objects and scenes, as well as music.

  • Price: free, Pro for $19 a month, Pro+ for $59 a month and Agency for $99 a month.
  • Language: English.
  • Export formats: GIF and mp4 full HD.
  • Templates: available, horizontal video 16:9 (suitable for Youtube) and square for the social networks.
  • Audio: built-in music library.


  • Starting with the Pro rate, you can use videos for commercial purposes;
  • there is a music library;
  • You can export the file not only as a video, but also as a presentation in PPT and PDF formats;
  • You can import a Powerpoint presentation and make a video out of it.


  • expensive;
  • unlimited exports are only available with the Pro+ plan;
  • at the free plan video with a watermark, the size to 3 minutes, 100 mb file storage;
  • in the free version there are few ready-made templates;
  • more complicated than all previous designers.



Biteable is another handy builder with templates. The editor has two versions – Biteable 1.0, the whole point of which is to select ready-made slides and replace the text in them, and the second – Biteable 3.0. The first editor has more than 1,000 scenes and 800,000 video footages. There really is a lot to choose from. Minimal settings are compensated by a rich choice.

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The second editor has more options for working with text and backgrounds, there are more than 300 templates to choose from. But on the whole, the editor is still simple.

Онлайн-конструктор видео

  • Price: free with watermark, Starter from $15 per month, Pro from $29 per month and Unlimited from $49 per month.
  • Language: English.
  • Export formats: mp4.
  • Templates: available in 16:9 patterns (vertical and horizontal), square videos for social networks and 4:5 format.
  • Audio: has its own music library, in version Biteable 3.0 you can upload your own track.


  • Lots of ready-made templates, especially in the Biteable 1.0 version;
  • few settings, suitable for those who need to make the same type of videos quickly and often.


  • Too simple and limited functionality;
  • expensive;
  • On the minimum plan you can only make 1 video a month, on the Pro plan only 3. To remove the limit, you need to buy the most expensive plan;
  • In Biteable 1.0 there are few fonts (13), of them only a couple or three support Cyrillic.


flexclip - сервис создания клипов

Flexclip is a simple builder, nothing special. You can upload photos and videos from your computer or import media files from the built-in library. The main settings are changing the background, processing text, adding music and resizing the video (available formats 1:1, 16:9 and 9:16). Very minimalistic service.

  • Price: free, Basic from $4.99 a month, Plus from $7.99 a month.
  • Language: English.
  • Export formats: mp4.
  • Templates: there are, almost all patterns are horizontal 16:9, but in the settings of the project, you can change the video on the vertical or square for the social networks.
  • Audio: there is a library of stock music.


  • easy to make videos;
  • built-in photo and video library;
  • there is ready-made music;
  • You can record your own voice right in the editor.


You can only make 1 video up to 1 minute long on the free plan;
too simple designer.


Как сделать видео в конструкторе

Vizia is a free service where you can make interactive videos with surveys and questionnaires. The finished video can be put on a site using html code and collect contacts through it. Videos made on the builder work well on the WordPress engine, Shopify stores, Weebly website builder, Tumblr social network, etc.

In the video, you can add 1 of 4 interactive elements: test, survey, question, call to action. You can also enable the “Gate video” feature, then at the beginning of the video viewers will be asked to fill in a name and email.

  • Price: free.
  • Language: English.
  • Export formats: html code.
  • Templates: no.
  • Audio: no and can not be downloaded.


  • free;
  • you can make interactive videos and collect applications through them.


  • Works only with ready-made videos already posted online;
  • the video itself cannot be edited, there is only 1 function – adding an interactive, respectively, there are no templates;
  • you can’t download the video as a usual file to your computer, only the code;
  • slows down, sometimes you have to reload.

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