The best services and programs for sending messages to VK


In our last article, we already told you how to send messages to VK. As an example, we gave the standard applications, but their functionality is critically small.

Now let’s focus on specialized services and programs for sending messages to VKontakte. This option is suitable for large-scale mailings and their more fine-tuning.

Criteria for choosing a program for sending VKontakte messages

Key factors that you need to pay attention to:

  • Usability. It is desirable that the program can be quickly sorted out and get to work.
  • Tools. The more options you have, the more flexible the settings will be.
  • Statistics. To assess the results of your work, you will need to study a lot of indicators.
  • Cost. How much does it cost to use the service and what is included in that price.
  • Is there a free version or a test period.
  • Additional functionality, in addition to mailings, which can also help in the work.

We have prepared for you a brief review of the top ten services, and you will choose the best option, based on your needs and capabilities.

Top 10 programs and services for receiving newsletters on VK

Happy Santa

VKontakte this application is simply called “Mailing messages”.

Perhaps the most primitive service in our list. Easy to use thanks to the integration in VKontakte, offers basic functionality to create mailings.


  • Free.
  • Quick installation and getting started.



  • Lack of a large number of settings.
  • No ability to automatically contact a new subscriber.
  • No functionality to track statistics.


An option for those who want to test the effectiveness of newsletters and are not ready to pay.

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  • Extensive personalization and customization options.
  • Availability of a free tariff.
  • User-friendly interface.



  • There are moments that need improvement. For example, when a person unsubscribes from the mailing list, he gets into the “no group” category. Because of this, sometimes a message is sent to the unsubscriber, which should not be.
    Prices for large groups are higher compared to competitors.
  • This option will suit those who are just starting to develop a group. Owners of large communities will be less profitable to work with Senler.


Gandy Mail


  • Ease of use.
  • Developers pay a lot of attention to feedback and communicate daily with the participants of their group.
  • There are ready-made templates for different types of mailings.



  • Can not work directly through a social network.
  • The price is higher than others.


This is a handy app, integrated with VK, with a friendly and clear interface. Aesthetically, it is nothing remarkable, but it provides all the necessary functionality. Mailings and widgets are created in seconds.


  • A 30-day trial period with no restrictions on options.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Built in lessons on newsletters and related topics such as sales funnels.
  • Discounts.



SocialSend is similar to the previous program in functionality, but SocialSend is more expensive and offers an improved interface and more options. It costs an order of magnitude more, but gives almost unlimited options for subscriber segmentation.


  • Ability to set up automatic responses.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Various instructions and videos for novice users.
  • Segmentation of subscribers by tags, comments, end of newsletter, time of subscription and many other parameters.
  • Synchronization with Yandex.Metrika.
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  • There is no possibility to unload the base of participants.
  • Requires a phone number when registering.
  • Price is quite high.


The application is a bit like the first (Happy Santa). The simplest interface, but the functionality is very limited. In addition, Gamayun is paid.


  • Laconic interface.
  • The possibility of auto-subscription by tag or key.
  • The free version provides almost all the basic functions.


  • Can’t see stats.


A handy and functional bot with which you can make a VK newsletter to all the people who have a dialogue with the community. But its main purpose is to construct chatbots.


  • No need to download the program.
  • It is possible to unload the base of participants.
  • Easy step by step creation of widgets.
  • Audience segmentation.
  • Inexpensive.



  • No direct integration into VK.



Service was originally created to work with e-mail mailings, but later attached and work with mailings from groups VK.


  • Offers a wide range of features – automatic responses on the principle of bot, segmentation, email chains.
  • Discounts if you pay for several months at a time.



  • There are problems logging into the account.
  • The news about development has not been updated since 2017.


The following services belong to the “gray” SMM (services created mainly for sending spam and for recruiting likes/subscribers) and should be used with caution to avoid account bans.

A downloadable application that allows you to send messages on behalf of a group or user. In addition, the functionality includes mass addition to friends, invitations to the community, likes, and reposts.

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  • Comfortable interface.
  • A wide range of additional functions.
  • Detailed instructions for use.



  • There are cases of account bans even when using proven proxies.


LSender VK PRO

Another multifunctional bot. Built in parsers to collect the target audience. It is possible to schedule events in advance with a timer.


  • Functionality.
  • The risk of being banned is minimized thanks to the special algorithms and fine-tuning.



  • No free trial version.
  • One license allows you to work from only one device.



The most convenient options for quality and honest mailing are SocialSend, ArtSend and Gandy Mail – but depend on your own preferences and needs.

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