The “Desires” section appeared in the mobile applications of VKontakte

The “Desires” section appeared in the mobile applications of VKontakte. In it, you can select the products you like and add them to your wish list, which your friends will see. Thus, you can show what you would like to receive for your birthday or another holiday.

The products are available from VKontakte and AliExpress, you can also enter your wish if you have not found the desired product. There are selections in the catalog, one of which is #besthouse, in which goods for self-isolation are presented – they are delivered only from Russia in an accelerated mode. There are also personal recommendations that, based on the interests of the user, recommend suitable gifts.

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If you are going to fulfill someone’s wish, just click the “I want to gift” button – the user’s friends will see a mark about this and will be able to organize a joint purchase.

The “Desires” section is located in the side menu of your profile in the mobile application – it will become available to all users.

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If your friend has already added a wish for himself, you can view it under the button “Details” in the profile.

VKontakte also published an explanation of the rules for advertising goods in communities.

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