The most popular TikTokers in the world and in Russia: who has the most subscribers on TikTok


Today we decided to find the most popular TikTok accounts in Russia and the world. We will tell you what the modern TikTok stars have promoted on and how many subscribers they have.


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The 10 most popular TikTokers in the world

Charlie Damelio

Account: @charlidamelio

Followers: 74.2M

What he shoots: dancing and lipstick

The story of how it became popular: the girl began to develop in Tik-Tok in the summer of 2019 – then it was still possible to unwind on lipsticks and simple dances. The first successful video was the duo “Move with Joy” with elementary choreography – it was watched over a million times, and Charlie Damelio’s audience began to grow rapidly. Later, American singer Bibi Rexa noticed her dancing and offered to take part in a joint concert with the Jonas Brothers. Videos of Charlie’s dancing from this concert went viral and brought the girl unrealistic popularity on the network.

Edison Rae

The most popular Tiktokers in the world

Account: @addisonre

Followers: 52.5M

What she shoots: dance videos

The story of how it became popular: The first videos began to be posted on Tik-Tok in 2019, but before that it was popular on Instagram – part of the audience came to Tik-Tok Edison from there. Subscribers love her for her cute appearance and slim figure. Until 2019, the girl worked as a model in her free time. I got the first 1.5 million subscribers on Tik-Tok in just a month.

In December 2019, together with other bloggers, she created the first “blogger house” – Hype House.

Zach King

Zach King at Tik Tok

Account: @zachking

Followers: 46.4M

What he shoots: tricks, the secret of which is high-quality editing

The story of how he became popular: Zach King became popular even before he signed up for Tik Tok, thanks to short videos that break all the laws of physics. He was nicknamed the “King of Video Editing” on the web. With such fame, the popularity in Tik-Tok was not long in coming – each of its videos is gaining tens of millions of views.

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Lauren Gray

Lauren Gray at Tik Tok

Account: @lorengray

Followers: 45.9M


The story of how it became popular: Lauren is an American model, singer and popular blogger. Her musical creativity, doll appearance and wide outlook made her popular – by the age of 15 she was already a nominee for prestigious music awards. Fans love her for not being starred and very versatile in communicating with subscribers.

Lauren became one of the first bloggers on the app, which was later merged with TikTok. Her first content on TT is lipstick and dancing. To attract subscribers, she used all her social networks and agreed on joint filming with other bloggers.

Riyaz Ali

Most Popular Bloggers in Tik-Tok

Account: @ riyaz.14

Number of subscribers: 43M

History of how it became popular: Riyaz is the Indian star of Tik-Tok. Oddly enough, he also unwound on lipsticks, although his appearance, charisma and bold (by Indian standards) hairstyles influenced more. The guy was noticed and in 2019 was invited to star in the video “Yaari hai” of the famous Indian singer Tony Kakkar. Today Riyaz is a very wealthy blogger in India, as well as a model and actor.

Spencer X

Spencer X at Tik Tok

Account: @spencerx

Number of subscribers: 39M

What he shoots: video with beatbox

History of how it became popular: Before Tik-Tok he toured with singers, musical groups and rappers, for example, with Marshmello. In TT he became famous thanks to the original performance of beatbox.

Michael Lee

Tiktoker Michael Lee

Account: @justmaiko

Followers: 35.1M

What is filming: dance videos

History of how it became popular: Lee is an American dancer and choreographer, famous for filming dance videos for popular tracks. Lee uploads not only dances, but also dance life hacks. He frequently shoots joint videos with beatboxer Spencer X and other Tik-Tok stars.

Gilmore Cruz

Gilmore Cruz

Account: @gilmhercroes

Number of subscribers: 28M

What he shoots: humorous copyright videos

History of how it became popular: Basically, all Gilmore does is grimace or dance for the camera, but it looks a lot of fun. The guy became successful thanks to his charisma and bright appearance. He is loved not only in Europe and the USA, but also in the CIS – in Runet he was called a mixture of Jim Carrey with Maxim Galkin. He often shoots joint videos with his brother Jaden.

Alex and Alan Stokes

Alex and Alan Stokes at TikTok

Account: @stokestwins

Subscribers: 25.2M

What is being filmed: comedy videos, practical jokes, answers to questions, videos about your life

History of how they became popular: the main feature of Alex and Alan is that they are twins. They win over subscribers with their cute appearance and sense of humor. It is these qualities that have brought them millions of subscribers. The brothers decided to go further – they have already managed to create their own music label and star in several TV series.

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Kristen Hencher

Popular beauty blogger at Tik-Tok

Account: @kristenhancher

Followers: 24.5M

What she removes: lipsticks and his experiments with appearance

The story of how it became popular: Kristen is another barbie girl. She is a shocking beauty blogger. She became popular thanks to her bright appearance and bold experiments with style. Looking at her video, it seems that the girl has tried all the colors on her hair (but most likely, these are wigs).

10 TikTok accounts with the most followers in Russia

Dina Saeva

The most popular ticktokers in Russia

Account: @dina

Number of subscribers: 13M

What he shoots: lipsticks, dances, videos about his life

The story of how it became popular: the girl became famous in Tik-Tok thanks to dancing to national music (she was born in Dushanbe). Success was helped by meeting another blogger – Rakhim Abramov. Having achieved popularity in TT, the girl was noticed by Yegor Creed and invited to appear in his video “Love is”.

Salavat Fidai

Who has the most subscribers to Tik-Tok in Russia

Account: @ salavat.fidai

Followers: 9.5M

What he shoots: video how he makes miniature sculptures from slate

History of how it became popular: Fidai is one of the few who makes truly unique content in Tik-Tok, his trick is miniature sculptures from a pencil lead. The blogger uploads to TT the process of creating his masterpieces in accelerated shooting.

Rakhim Abramov

Popular winers in Tik-Tok

Account: @rahimabram

Followers: 8.3M

History of how it became popular: The first humorous videos began filming in 2017 on YouTube, but they went unnoticed. The guy did some work on the mistakes, and in 2018 his vines began to shoot on social networks. I went to Tik-Tok, already having some fame. Additional popularity was brought to him by the action “Kind Heart” – the guy traveled around the cities and handed out money, gifts, food, food for shelters.

Karina Cross

Popular tiktoker girls

Account: @karinakross

Followers: 7.2M

What is shooting: vines

The story of how it became popular: as a child she studied at a theater studio, at the age of 14 she received a 2nd category in boxing, graduated from modeling courses and a theater institute. She starred in episodic roles in the TV series “Univer”, “Molodezhka”, “Interns”. In social networks, she became famous for her Vines.

Max Brown (Volkov)

Popular tiktoker guys

Account: @maksbraun

Followers: 6.4M

What he shoots: social videos

History of how it became popular: started to be creative in 2012, led the project “KZN-PROJEKT” (walked around Kazan and asked questions to passers-by) and “Experiments-here” (chemical and physical experiments). They were not successful, but the third “bloggers” quickly attracted the attention of viewers, in which the blogger talked about the stars of the Internet. Max also filmed vlogs, pranks, and made musical parodies. In Tik-Tok, he occupied the niche of social videos, which helped him quickly gain popularity.

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Diana Astaire

Popular Russian tiktokers

Account: @diana_aster

Followers: 5.9M

What he shoots: dances, lipsticks, life situations

The story of how it became popular: At first I tried to achieve popularity on Instagram, but eventually got it on Tik-Tok in 2019. Subscribers love her for her high-quality videos and striking appearance. Joint videos with other bloggers helped her gain an additional audience.

Alexey Savko

Who has the most followers on TikTok

Account: @savko

Followers: 5.8M

What he’s filming: humorous videos that make fun of his height

History of how it became popular: Aleksey Savko is a Belarusian 136 centimeters tall, this feature has become a feature of the future Tik-Tok star. In his videos, he shows the life of a small person in a funny manner.


Popular Tik Tok girl athlete

Account: @olgessa

Followers: 3.7M

What he shoots: extreme videos, dancing

The story of how it became popular: practically nothing is known about the girl, except that she is a gymnast, but the reason for her popularity immediately becomes clear, one has only to go to her Tik-Tok. The girl shoots extreme videos or demonstrates the flexibility of her body.

Ekaterina Lisina

Ekaterina Lisina at Tik-Tok

Account: @ lisina15

Followers: 2.8M

What she shoots: humorous sketches about his own growth

The story of how it became popular: In Tik-Tok, bloggers with unusual appearance are quickly becoming popular. Catherine is the opposite of Alexei Savko, her height is 2 meters, 5 centimeters. The girl shoots humorous videos on the topic of how she lives with such growth.

The Verzakov twins

Popular magicians in Tik Tok

Account: @ twins.verz and @ twins.verz.parodies

Number of subscribers: 1.7M and 6.6M

What is being filmed: parodies of cartoons, humorous sketches

History of how they became popular: Another popular Russian TikTokers, the Verzakov brothers, began their creative journey at Tik-Tok with humorous sketches, but they were not impressed by the result. Once they shot a parody of a fragment of a cartoon, and the video went off. The brothers decided to shoot such content. Now the Verzakovs have two accounts – one with parodies of 6.6 million subscribers and the other with sketches.


This collection is an example of the fact that the main thing is to believe in yourself and not be afraid to show your work to other people, especially since Tik-Tok still gives you the opportunity to quickly unwind.

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