The most popular TikTokers of 2021: rating, photos, how much do they earn?

Popular Tiktokers are the idols of thousands of users. Each social network has users with a wide audience and quality content. They get their popularity through hard work, cheating, or just luck. TikTok is a video sharing platform that is developing very quickly, so today there are already quite a few top pages here that boast of hype and high earnings. In this article, we’ll take a look at all of the top streamers, their metrics and capabilities that helped them become successful.

Who are Tiktokers?

Tiktokers are people who have opened pages in Tik Tok and are actively blogging there. These are mainly young guys and girls. Since the target audience is teenagers, and there are many minors among users, those who are under 18 often come to the top.

Top 20 most popular TikTokers in the world in 2021

Ratings are updated almost every day, but some of the profiles almost always take leading positions.

  1. @KristenHancher has over 23 million audience. It attracts everyone with its spectacular appearance and interesting content. The girl’s feature is a new bright hair color, and each innovation only complements her image.KristenHancher
  2. @lorengray is a singer and has 35 million people in her voice. A signed contract with several recording studios only gave her popularity, and now she shows all her rehearsals in an interesting format.lorengray
  3. @tanishacoezee is a Los Angeles-based ranker. Almost 3 million users from different countries are already watching her, and she attracts the audience with simple content about her life.tanishacoezee
  4. @dina – she shoots vines, cool videos from everyday life, sings, dances. This cheerful and extraordinary personality has gotten almost 6 million people with her revelations.dina
  5. @lizzza is not only a popular tiktoker, but also a youtuber and an ingamer. Various formats and projects in the industry with the prefix “beauty” presented the girl with 15 million viewers. And that’s just TikTok.lizzza
  6. @Savko is the guy who proved that it’s not just girls who are popular on social media. The number of his fans is rapidly moving towards the 5 million mark. In addition, it was Savko who took first place in the list of Russian bloggers on TikToka. Although the guy started with YouTube, and there his page was almost invisible.Savko
  7. @ _Alexandr.t_ – the owner of this nickname is an ordinary guy from Russia. His life is followed by 3,800,000 users. Because of his good looks, it’s no surprise that most of the fans are female._Alexandr.t_
  8. @jacobsartorius – the mark in the “Subscribers” column has already reached 22,500,000, and the number of video views is several million. Thanks to the guy’s bright appearance and active work on his profile, the number of fans is growing every day.jacobsartorius
  9. @gilmhercroes – The trend of this popular personality is dancing. Such a sufficiently developed and entertaining format helped to gather 22 million users around their professional movements.gilmhercroes
  10. @camerondallas – This blogger’s name is Cameron Dallas. He shoots vines and funny videos, thanks to which he has gathered 18 million followers around him. But this is not the only significant achievement. His humor and charisma were noticed by the world-famous Netflix studio, which invited the guy to collaborate. Now he produces author shows that make viewers in many countries smile.camerondallas
  11. @Lisaandlena – These girls have one page for two. They are originally from Germany. The content is based on the recording of life videos about ordinary household items. By adding a little creativity and humor, we get 15 followers.
  12. @Babyariel – She is known not only on TikTok, but also on Instagram and Snapchat. There she leads a real beauty life, followed by more than 10 million people from different countries.
  13. @Flighthouse – This guy’s creative format attracted 21.8 million viewers. The main direction is music and dance.
  14. @Jojosiwa – This little girl has hundreds of thousands of views with her dancing. Her audience is 17.3 million followers.
  15. @Gilmhercroes – This guy is just starting his life at the top of the charts, and his fan base is rapidly moving towards two million.
  16. @Jaydencroes – the guy managed to promote both this social network and YouTube. And the number of permanent fans is already striving for two tens of millions.
  17. @Dobretwins is also a dual profile of twin brothers from california. Together they have 18.8 million fans.
  18. @Zachking – 29 million people watch him burn dollars and jump into a pile of leaves. This merry fellow knows exactly how to attract people.
  19. @Savvsoutas – this little girl in her less than 10 years has already found 15.9 million fans. Most of her videos are dancing to popular music.
  20. @Annieleblanc – 15 million fans and female fans follow the dance for this girl. She attracts with her good looks and professional movements.
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Top 10 Russian Tiktokers by the number of subscribers

If we talk only about the Russian representatives, then the rating is as follows.

RatingNickQuantity (million)
3@ _alexandr.t_3.8
five@ salavat.fidai3.6
7@ twins.verz2.9

How much TikTokers earn

The audience has always been interested in the issue of money, but not all bloggers like to talk about their income. Let’s analyze earnings on the example of two pages:

  • @KristenHancher – with 23 million followers, earnings per post range from $ 13,000 to $ 23,000;
  • @lorengray – the singer raises an average of 22-37 thousand dollars on each publication.

Earnings directly depend on the number of active audience. If you have several hundred thousand subscribers, but all of them were wound up with the help of special services, then many pages are “dead”. These are bots that are created at one time. And they negatively affect the page rank and activity. It is not yet possible to determine how much the most popular TikToker in the world is making. On average, the calculation is based on the equivalent of $ 2-3 per 1 subscriber. But these are rough estimates of marketers and SMM specialists. The main profit comes from advertising and monetization.

What words are most often used by tiktokers

Tags that often appear in publications and descriptions for videos:

  • blogger;
  • popular;
  • 2021;
  • video;
  • video;
  • girls;
  • boys;
  • culture;
  • dancing;
  • songs;
  • dance;
  • song;
  • popular.

Depending on the direction of the TikToker blog, specific vocabulary appears. Often she is associated with beauty blogs, sports, culture, films, etc.

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