The most popular YouTube video bloggers in Russia and in the world

In 2018, it is imperative to be aware of the most trending events and trends. A relatively new profession for Russia – a video blogger – brings good money to those who are seriously engaged in it. Here, as in sports, it is important to understand who is cooler than others. True, compared to foreign bloggers, Russians earn very little. This is explained by a smaller number of subscribers and, accordingly, views, caused by the fact that there are much more English-speaking users than Russian-speaking ones, so we prepared two lists at once, 10 popular YouTube video bloggers in each.

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The most popular YouTube video bloggers in Russia

1. EeOneGuy… The first place in terms of the number of subscribers is occupied by Ivan Rudinsky (the channel is called EeOneGuy), who hails from Ukraine. Initially, the blogger was a letsplayer, that is, he filmed a video where he played games, while commenting on what was happening. In addition to games, he also did funny sketches and animations. Then, gaining popularity, he began to shoot Vlogs about himself and his life. Now videos on Vanya’s channel are very rarely released, but at the same time he still has 3 million more than the second most popular blogger in Russia.

2. SlivkiShow… The most stellar cat of the Internet – Kuki, as well as its owner – Yuri Yaniv confidently hold the second position with 9.6 million subscribers on their account. The main content of the channel is life hacks and reviews of products from China. Now the channel is not developing as rapidly as before.

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SlivkiShow video blog

3. AdamThomasMoran… The channel is also known as +100500. The name comes from a once popular meme that signifies complete agreement. The times of the popularity of the meme are over, but Maxim Golopolosov is still in the top 3 most popular bloggers. The channel’s content consists of reviews of funny videos and equally funny comments from Max.


4. LikeNastya… The most popular child in Russia at the moment is Nastya. The content is suitable for both children and young parents. Here Nastya plays with dolls, travels, unpacks toys and makes various reviews. Videos on the channel are released at different intervals, but the channel continues to grow rapidly.

5. FROST… The name of the blogger is Yuri Morozilka. He gained popularity thanks to let-plays for various games, as well as Vlogs from his own life.

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6. TheBrainDit… Another letsplayer does not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the popularity of this format. He makes videos about the most popular games. Especially a lot of content lately about GTA V and GTA Online. He also reviews mobile games like Clash Royal and others.

7. TheBrianMaps… Maxim Tarasenko is a 17-year-old guy who somehow managed to gather a huge audience of schoolchildren. The main part of the content is funny parodies, comic videos and scenes in the spirit of KVN with a lot of disguises and antics. At the moment, the channel continues to grow.

8. Mister Max… Another popular child is Mr. Max. Most of the videos are about Max’s games and travels. The boy especially loves to go shopping with toys and look for various new items. According to unofficial data, his channel has brought the creators about $ 1.5 million over the entire period of its existence.

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9. TheKateClapp… So far, the first among Russian female bloggers in terms of the number of subscribers on the channel. Ekaterina Trofimova shoots vlogs and provides a lot of useful information for girls in an interesting way. But Katya doesn’t stop there. She makes videos on all topics that interest her and answers questions from subscribers.

10. This is ok… Closing the top 10 is another channel on which various videos are reviewed. The joint project of Vitaly Golovanov, Stas Davydov and Sergei Fedorenko was even shown for some time on Channel One. However, at the moment the channel is losing ground and has already moved to the 10th position in the rating.

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The most popular YouTube video bloggers in the world

1. PewDiePie… The undisputed leader in the blogging world is Swede, Felix Arvid Ulf Chelberg. He is a letplayer and the bulk of the content on his channel is a play process with funny commentary. He mainly chooses horror and action games. The channel has more than 60 million subscribers. Emotional obscene comments and frightening screams during the game helped him gain popularity. Now his channel continues to grow rapidly, far ahead of all other global bloggers.


2. HolaSoyGerman… Young Chilean – Germ├ín Alejandro Garmendia Arani. He conducts the channel in Spanish, which is widespread in many countries of the world. He became famous for his humorous content, which serves very energetically. The number of subscribers to his channel exceeds 30 million people.


Judging by the screenshot, he was not worn out with YouTube channel design

3. Smosh… Top 3 closes the humorous team created by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hickox. They created the channel over 10 years ago and started out with small flash animations. Now they make a living doing parodies of various films, TV series, songs, etc.

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4. TheEllenShow… At all times, a popular show format in which popular personalities are guests. But the show Ellen DeGeneres stands out among similar ones also with humor. Among the guests can be noted such personalities as Hillary Clinton and even Barack Obama (who came there as president).

5. VanossGaming… Closing the top 5 is another channel dedicated to the gaming industry. There are many different reviews and cuts of funny moments from various games.

6.nigahiga… Japanese, but makes a video in English, as he is from America. He began to gain popularity with a video where he hums popular music hits with his voice. Now Ryan Higa, the channel’s owner, also stars in feature films and TV series.

7. JennaMarbles… The most popular female blogger. The girl’s real name is Jenna Mourey. She became famous thanks to a video where she told how to look attractive to girls who do not have an outstanding appearance by nature.

8. FBE… A channel with a huge number of different reactions from famous youtubers, podcasts and other entertainment content. Also on the channel there is a video of famous pop songs singing. This format is popular, so the channel continues to develop actively.

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9. Logan Paul Vlogs… Logan Paul’s channel, which features vlogs about his life, as well as video clips of his own tracks.

10. ERB… An interesting format of entertaining content, translated as Epic Rap Battle. Here, famous historical figures, politicians, entrepreneurs and fictional characters from different universes compete in comic Rap battles. At the moment, the number of subscribers to the channel exceeds 14 million people.

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