The Share to IGTV option when saving a live stream to Instagram has become available to all users

The Share to IGTV option when saving a live stream to Instagram is now available to all users.

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We have already written that Instagram is testing this feature and it will become available in the very near future. Today, the official announcement was released on Instagram on Twitter – you can now save recordings of live broadcasts on IGTV.

Recall that before that, the preservation of live broadcast was only possible in history – now IGTV has come to replace it. The new option can be used to create compilations from your videos and live broadcasts. Also, Instagram plans to monetize its video platform and this can become an additional way of earning money for authors.

At the same time, there are a number of restrictions:

  • Saved posts will not contain likes and comments from the live stream.
  • After saving the live stream to IGTV, the view counter will reset to zero.
  • You cannot edit or trim the broadcast recording if you want to upload it to IGTV immediately.
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In addition, users of our site have already complained about the fact that they cannot save live broadcast to their stories and that this has become a problem for them.

It’s worth noting that these and other restrictions can really be a problem, especially if you communicate with your followers and respond to their comments. In this case, it’s best to just save the recording to your phone and edit it to make sure it fits, then upload the video to IGTV.

Previously, Instagram expanded its comment management capabilities, and also launched the “Support Small Business” sticker.

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