There was a new sticker “POLL” in the stories of VKontakte

Now you can add polls to your VK stories – they will be displayed as bright stickers. You can attach a new sticker to a story in the mobile app, and use it to vote on all platforms.

Let’s figure out how to use the “POLL” sticker in VK stories, how to create polls and where to look for voting statistics.

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How to make a survey in VKontakte stories: step by step instructions

Step 1… Open the VKontakte mobile application and go to the story editor.

Step 2… Take a photo or video, or select a previously taken from the device memory.

Step 3… Click on the stickers button and select POLL.

Step 4… Ask a question or enter a survey topic. Add answer choices, select a background, and also specify in the options whether this is an anonymous survey and whether more than one answer can be selected.

How to make a survey in VKontakte stories: step by step instructions

Step 5… Select the location of the sticker in the Story and click Publish.

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After seeing the story with the survey, users can click “Vote”. A pop-up window will appear on the screen, where the person will see the answer options.

⚠ You cannot limit poll duration in stories. It will end when history disappears – in a day.

How to find out the survey results

Access to the results appears if you yourself voted or the poll has ended. The second happens simultaneously with the end of the story – in a day. There are two ways to find results:

  1. Open the story, vote, and then tap the sticker again. A pop-up window will appear with the results, clicking on which you will see the details.
  2. Take a look at the history statistics. In the iOS and Android app, you will see a Poll block with a Show Results button. Click on it and vote if you haven’t already. And then click on the sticker again – and the voting results are in front of you.

Don’t forget: you will receive a notification after completing the survey. Also, notifications come when your friends vote.

If the survey was anonymous, alas, it is impossible to see who exactly and for what voted. That’s why the poll is anonymous!

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How to tell your friends about the result

This can be done only in the mobile application. Go to the “bell” and click on the notification of the completion of the vote – a history with it will open.

Click on the sticker, and then on the three dots next to the poll → Share → Add to story. Then your survey results will be attached to the new story.

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