This is “Use Template,” an Instagram feature that allows users to replicate viral videos.


The template tool for Reels is in the testing phase, and very few people have access to it at the moment, but it will serve as a competitor to TikTok.

There are different templates suitable for different videos.

The Instagram Reels format is suspiciously similar to TikTok videos. That doesn’t surprise anyone. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, trying to compete with the Chinese app, keeps introducing new features for its videos.

Use Template, which translates to “Use Template,” is a new feature with which Instagram seeks to match TikTok. Editing Reels isn’t a panacea, but the developers intend to improve it so users can recreate viral videos right from the mobile app.

“One thing I’ve been looking for, especially with Instagram videos, is something similar to the sound synchronization in TikTok, where the clips line up perfectly with the music.”
With Instagram’s new approach, Hill ensures that “the creation process is much smoother and easier to use.” As he explains, the patterns are “like a guide,” and there are some that can have up to 13 frames and others that can only have up to seven.

According to Europa Press, the templates will have different lengths (from 0.5 to 2.4 seconds). Thus, users can copy the format of trending videos on their profiles.

A Meta spokesperson told Business Insider via email that the company is “always” working on new ways to simplify the reel production process. “We’re testing the ability to create a reel using an existing template of another reel,” he said.

Although the “Use Template” feature has been confirmed, mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi talked about it back in January of this year. Now users will have to wait until the new feature is implemented on all devices.

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