Tik Tok ad office: registration, creation and setup


When a service or site has an audience of millions, advertising is inevitable. Before Tik Tok created its ad cabinet, brands had company accounts in TT and promoted themselves through content, just like all authors. Now you can run ads without having a Tick-Tock account.

This article will tell you how to create and set up an advertising account in TikTok, aka TikTok Ads.

How to create and set up advertising in Tik-Tok

Go to ads.tiktok.com, click “Create an ad”.

Fill in the data in the form – you can sign in through e-mail, you can use the phone. True, the phone number will have to be specified in both cases.

To your e-mail (or phone number) will come a verification code, which must be specified in the same form to continue registration. Previously you should click “Send Code” in the field for entering the code.

How does the letter with the code look like? Note that the code is valid for 10 minutes.

Further you need to fill the second form:

  • Country. Choose a country from the list.
  • Industry. Choose what industry your goods/services belong to.
  • Business name. Here, we write the name of your company. If you are a sole proprietorship, you should write your first and last
  • name. If self-employed – you can just write your last name and first name.
  • Time zone. It is filled in automatically after country selection.
  • Phone number. On it will come one more code for verification.
  • Currency. It is filled in automatically after you choose the country.

If your country is not on the list – you will have to wait until it appears or start advertising through intermediaries. Another option is to buy ready advertising account, which has already passed moderation. Registered to a country from the list. But it’s unknown what data was used to create it, there’s a good chance it’s someone else’s. This means that if the real owner of the data is found, then, at the very least, the account will be deleted, and you will not be able to use it anymore.

We are waiting for the code to come by sms and insert it in the verification field. In the future, you will be able to go to the advertising office on this phone number. If the code did not come right away, click again “Send Code”. The code is valid for 5 minutes.

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Account setup

  1. Immediately after registration, you need to fill in data about your company, which will be shown on the receipts for payment. The information must correspond to the data from official documents – they will be checked in the future.
  2. In the form, you need to specify the advertising link, where users will be directed. Sites and applications can be advertised in Tic-Toc, so the link should lead to them. Also specify a billing mailing address and tax information.
  3. After filling out the data, the system will prompt you to top up immediately, but you can skip this step and top up later. Just click “Next”. Then in the window that appears, click “Skip”.
  4. The system offers to choose between two types of account – a simplified or specialized. The second has more features and settings, so it is better to use it. Later you will be able to switch between the modes.
  5. After selecting the mode, we get into the advertising cabinet, but this is not the end of its configuration. In some cases, the account is approved immediately (which, by the way, became possible in 2021, previously the confirmation could take up to 48 hours). You can see your account status by clicking on the circle in the upper right corner right after language selection, and then clicking on “Account info.
  6. This will open the account settings. If its status says “Approved,” it’s okay. If the account is being verified or rejected, you must provide scans of your documents. There, in the account information you can set up payment methods.

Important: In order for advertising to run in Tik-Tok, both factors must be met – an approved account and a configured payment method.

Tik Tok ad cabinet overview

There are several tabs in the Tik Tok ad cabinet. Let’s run through them briefly:

  1. Account Settings. We touched on this item above. This is where documents are sent for review and payment methods are linked.
  2. Panel. This is a dashboard with summary information on advertising campaigns. You can see how much money was spent, what was the conversion, what was the average price per clicks and conversion, and how many times the RCs were shown. Data is displayed by gender, location, day, and operating system.
  3. Campaign. Here advertising campaigns are created and adjusted.
  4. Asset. In this tab there are 4 subsections:
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  • Events. It is a pixel which should be preliminary set on a site or in the offer for exact statistics on conversions;
  • creative – here we add advertising creatives: images and videos;
  • audience – here you can create or upload an audience, which will be used for targeting;
  • comments – allows you to view comments on advertising publications. Comments allow you to make indirect conclusions about how the audience perceived the ads, how much they were interested in the goods, what questions people ask in the comments.


Reporting. In this section, you can generate reports on past ad campaigns and view data on specific metrics, such as audience age or devices from which you accessed Tik-Tok.

Budget replenishment and closing documents


To get to payment, you need to click on the avatar in the upper right corner, then “Payment.” At the top you can see your account balance, including taxes. You can add payment methods below.

What payment methods are available:

  • Credit or debit card;
  • PayPal


Important: There are 2 types of payment for advertising in Tik-Tok – manual and automatic. With manual, you first deposit money in the balance, after which ads are unrolled. With automatic advertising is unrolled, and then write off the money. The default setting is manual, but after adding a payment method, such as cards, the second type (auto) may appear. Before running an advertisement, check which debit type you have set.

How documents are generated for accounting:

Under “Transactions” you can get several types of statements and export them to Excel format:

  • A statement for deposits or disbursements;
  • Expenses for the day;
  • Taxes of the day;
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Statements can be generated for any period from a month to the entire time of using an account.

You can also run ads via intermediary services like eLama (a single cabinet for payment and running ads in different social networks). Usually such services provide closing documents and more ways to pay the balance. For example, payment from the current account, not only from a bank card and PayPal.

Brand Security

This is another section of Tik-Tok’s advertising cabinet that allows you to specify a list of places where ads should not be shown. Keep in mind that the list may reduce your reach. The settings are in the Brand Safety section below the account, payment, and transaction settings.

TikTok Business Center

From Tik-Tok’s advertising cabinet, you can navigate to the Business Center. This is a space from which you can manage multiple advertising accounts, track statistics, and give others access to your advertising accounts. You can use it to delegate authority and launch large-scale advertising campaigns. If you’re a Tik-Tok advertising specialist, you can set up and run custom RCs through access to the Business Center.

To access the Tik-Tok Business Center, you need to click on the portfolio icon in your advertising office and do some minimal configuration – come up with a Business Center name, specify a time zone, and upload a profile photo.

If you want to know how to set up and run ads in Tik-Tok, as well as what are the advertising formats – read our detailed instructions.


To be able to run ads in Tik-Tok you need to register in the advertising office and set it up properly. Prepare legal documents in advance to verify the account – they may be requested. If you are a sole proprietorship or self-employed, you may be approved automatically, but a manual verification may still follow after the first ad launches. You’ll also need to set up payment methods. Keep in mind that manual and automatic payment types are better to use the first one, so your card won’t be charged more than you planned to spend on advertising.

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