Tik Tok and Instagram: how to link, which is better, hashtags

How to link Instagram and TikTok is the first question that comes to mind for a new user of the platform. Synchronizing your accounts allows you to become more popular and attract more subscribers. The social network allows you to create a video for no more than 1 minute, and TikTok allows you to insert a photo into the video.

How to link Instagram to Tik Tok

A good example of using the application is the account of Jan Besdusny, a popular blogger and tomboy. To add Instagram to Tik Tok, do the following:

After all the manipulations, an application tile will appear near the red button.

Downloading video from Tik Tok

You can download the video immediately after creation, the platform will offer to automatically save the video to Instagram. How the process goes:

  • after the end of the shooting, press “Publish”;
  • we confirm saving on Instagram, after that the publication page opens, where you can mark people and add hashtags.publishing video from tik tok to instragram

You can also share videos of other users on your wall. What to do:

  • on the video you like, press the “Share” arrow;
  • select the type of social network, offers to send to all applications that are installed;
  • we confirm the choice and wait for the download to finish.

There is also an online method using the Kapwing Resize website, for this:

  • pre-save the edited material in the memory of the gadget;
  • open a website in Google and upload a video to the platform;download video from tik tok step 1
  • we select the desired social network, and the algorithms of the program will help to convert the material into a supported format.download video from tik tok step 2
  • After the end, the video will be available in MP4 and ready to upload to your account.
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We use hashtags

Hashtag is a universal algorithm for finding the necessary information, which is used to popularize and promote on the platform. To get into Tik Tok’s recommendations, use: #recommendations, #wantrecommendations, etc.

The system works according to an algorithm that collects all content from the platform by hashtags and forms collections. Examples of tags for promoting videos from Tik Tok:

  • #tiktokrussia;
  • #tiktokvideo;
  • #tiktokfunni;
  • #tiktokkorea;
  • #tiktoktomboy;
  • # tiktokk-pop.

There are a lot of options for using phrases, the only condition under which the algorithm works correctly and provides a search is to continuously write a query together with #.

Which is better TikTok or Instagram

Tik Tok vs Instagram is a question that torments many bloggers and ordinary users. Both platforms allow you to promote your services or content, as well as wind up subscribers. Having studied both applications, we can conclude that the platforms exist better in tandem, since both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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