Tik-Tok community rules – every tiktoker should know this

Blocking on Tik-Tok can lead to the removal of prohibited content or the entire account, as well as cutting down views – it all depends on what kind of ban you received, real or shadow, temporary or permanent. Due to the ban, you can lose the audience and the content that you worked on. And also income if you used TT for monetization. To prevent this from happening, you need to know the Tik-Tok rules and not break them.

In this article, we will go over the basic rules of the Tik-Tok community and give some tips for avoiding the ban and reduced coverage.

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Tik-Tok Community Rules

The rules in Russian can be found on the official TikTok website, there is also a separate tab in the application itself – you need to go to the account menu. Then go down to the Information section and open the “Community Rules” item.

Let’s go over the main theses of the rules.

Publication rules

What is prohibited in the video:

  1. Dangerous persons and organizations – you cannot propagandize or speak on behalf of banned groups, for example, terrorist. You cannot show their symbols and call for the creation of such an organization.
  2. Illegal activity and restricted goods – no drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, explosives.
  3. Materials containing scenes of violence and cruelty – both the scenes themselves and calls for the manifestation of cruelty towards people and animals are prohibited.
  4. Suicide, self-harm, and dangerous acts – no dismemberment, mutilation.
  5. Incitement to hatred – you cannot call for violence and discrimination against other people on the basis of race, religion, orientation, gender, and so on.
  6. Harassment and bullying – you cannot publicly insult other people, threaten them, encroach on life, health, you cannot disclose other people’s personal data.
  7. Nude body image and adult sexual activity – there should not be anything in the video that falls into the 18+ category.
  8. Juvenile safety – this includes the previous point, as well as: child abuse, involving children in taking illegal drugs or demonstrating such videos (for example, smoking teenagers), bullying, grooming.
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Spam, misinformation, violation of intellectual property rights and a threat to the security of the platform are also prohibited.

Violations (for which they block and cut the coverage)

You need to understand which violations lead to a complete blocking of your account or video, and which ones lead to a shadow ban. We have already written about the reasons for the shadow ban in Tik-Tok, how to recognize and how to get out of it.

In short, severe violation of community guidelines (all of the above) will result in the removal of content or account. For example, demonstrating a scene of violence or calling for it. If the same thing happens in a lighter or comic form, for example, imitating a scene with blood using ketchup, then this will most likely lead to a shadow ban, which is also bad.

Important: Try to avoid topics listed in the community guidelines altogether. If your video contains a toy knife or you show a trick with a “severed finger”, but in reality it is a dummy, Tik-Tok still perceives this as a violation.

That is, Tik-Tok can completely block you for:

  • prohibited content (everything that is listed on the official website);
  • spam;
  • severe violation of intellectual property rights – impersonating a famous person or brand, using someone else’s trademarks, selling counterfeits under the guise of an original, appropriating the results of someone else’s labor;
  • misinformation;
  • threat to the security of the platform and its participants.

In addition to what is listed in the official community rules, there are also unspoken rules that cannot be violated either. For what else you can get blocking or cutting coverage (shadow ban):

  • spam with hashtags;
  • mate in the video, in the caption and comments;
  • removing clips and filling new ones;
  • re-uploading the same videos;
  • children under 13 years old in the frame unaccompanied by adults;
  • explicit advertising;
  • advertising of other applications;
  • use of someone else’s content.
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Several minor violations that are repeated can lead to a complete ban.

PS Sometimes there is a situational cut of views. So Tik-Tok users accused the social network of censorship due to the fact that videos with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, dedicated to the protests in America, gained 0 views. When the hype arose, the owners of TT apologized and explained it as a “technical failure”.

How violations are detected

There are 2 ways to detect violations in TT:

  1. Primary moderation of videos – the content is checked by artificial intelligence and partially by moderators, so explicit trash is cut off immediately.
  2. User complaints – the TT algorithms are imperfect, therefore, from time to time, ambiguous videos appear on the social network (or even in the recommendations). For example, like this:

Users can complain about the video, and if there are a lot of such complaints, the author of the video will be sanctioned. Most likely the video will be deleted.


– Try not to use someone else’s content. The use of other people’s materials that violates intellectual property rights is prohibited by the rules. For example, you can’t just download a video from the Internet and upload it to TT, as an author’s one. But if you want to use someone’s fragment in your video, as part of your idea, then the borrowed content should be no more than 30%.

– It has been noticed that Tik-Tok is not very willing to promote videos posted without using a social network editor. Although it is not formally prohibited. We advise you to either completely shoot and edit the video through the TT editor, or partially use the editor’s capabilities, for example, edit the video on a computer, and apply filters in the TT.

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– Do not spam with tags. The ideal amount is 2-4.

– If you already have a banned account, and you created a new one, do not re-upload old videos from the first to the second. Even if there were thousands of views. It doesn’t matter – the account was completely blocked or got under the shadow ban, the second account will suffer the same fate. Only new content.

– Do not post anything provocative that will anger subscribers. Even if you don’t openly break the rules, three complaints are enough to block the video completely.

– Tik-Tok does not like open advertising. Neither the social network itself, nor the users. Therefore, to monetize the channel, you will have to learn how to make the most native advertising, taking into account all the features of TT. The social network blocks accounts created solely for the purpose of earning money.

– Do not change the topic of the channel often. Better not to change at all. It’s like starting a new channel – you have to recruit views again.


There are 2 types of ban in Tik-Tok – regular and shadow. The latter is insidious in that it is not always clear what exactly was blocked. Before creating content, carefully read the rules and check if there is anything in the video that may not like the social network or its users. After all, in TT it is undesirable to delete the published videos – this can also lead to a ban. Try not to break anything.

Also, do not forget that the rules can be supplemented over time – check them periodically for relevance and monitor information about changes in TT among bloggers.

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