Tik Tok now has a hashtag sticker to add to videos


Tik Tok now has a sticker for adding hashtags to videos.

Let’s see how this sticker works and how to use it.

How to add a hashtag to a Tik-Tok video: step-by-step instructions

Here’s a simple instruction on how to add hashtags to your videos.

Step 1. Record a video or upload a pre-made clip.

Step 2: Click the add sticker button and select the “HASHTAG” sticker.

Step 3. Enter the text of the hashtag or choose from the prompts. After that, determine the place of the sticker on the video.

Important: You can add more than one hashtag to a Tik-Tok video.

Step 4: At the end, publish the clip.

The hashtag in the video will be clickable and you can navigate to the corresponding tag page. That is, it works just as if it were placed in the description under the video.

It’s worth noting that hashtag stickers can help unload the description and leave it just under the text, since they work the same way and are not limited in number.

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