TikTok added a neural network to its app to create backgrounds in videos.


The company called it a “smart green screen.

Example images: “Snorkeling in purple Ocean,” “Hidden village in the mountains,” and ” Erupting rainbow volcano”

You can try the feature by taking a video through the app itself. The user enters a thematic query, and the neural network in accordance with it generates a background, which can then be used in the video.

Compared with the work, for example, Dall-e 2 from OpenAI images neural network TikTok enough primitive, writes The Verge. The first creates photorealistic images, while the second draws abstract pictures. But the publication believes that the developers have situs sbobet done this intentionally. So there is a lower risk that the AI will break the rules of the application: for example, too obviously depicts nudity or scenes of violence.

Users are already using a filter in several TikTok trends: for example, entering their names as a query to see how the AI sees their “aesthetics.”

Examples of images: “Nude woman onĀ  beach,” “Man with a gun,” “Man killing another man.”

Example images: “Exploding Galaxy flowers,” “Astronaut in the ocean,” “Dinosaur playing tennis.”

Image examples: “Assassination – Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson.”

Image examples: “Nude anime girl,” “Naked model on beach,” “Blonde model”

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