TikTok added the ability to attach stickers to objects in videos

TikTok has presented a new feature that will allow you to attach a sticker to an object in a video. As the object moves, the sticker will move with it and even change size as the object approaches or moves away from the camera.

@tiktokNow Introducing: STICKER PINNING! Pin stickers to your videos and make magic happen.

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The sticker can be attached anywhere on the roller. Users can also choose how long the sticker stays in view.

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How to attach a sticker to an object on a TikTok video: step by step instructions

Step 1… Launch the app and shoot a video for Tik-Tok.

Step 2… In the editing window, click on the sticker icon.

Step 3… A plate with all the stickers will open – select the one you need.

Tiktok stickers

Step 4… Pinch the sticker with your finger, drag and place on the desired object in the video. Then we tap on the sticker itself. A menu will appear at the top where you need to select the “Pin-code” item.

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How to attach a sticker to an object on a TikTok video

Step 5… A window will appear where we adjust the location of the sticker and confirm the selection of the object by pressing the “Pin-code” one more time.

Pin-code of the sticker in Tik-Tok

Step 6… If necessary, set the time, how long the sticker will be in the video, press the sticker and select the “Duration” option.

How to set the duration of a sticker in a Tik-Tok video

Done! It remains to fill in the description of the video, add hashtags and mentions, set the privacy settings and publish the video.

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