TikTok Community Guidelines 2021: Do’s and Don’ts?


TikTok Rules is a collection of internal regulations and requirements that the administration imposes on users. Someone sees this as a restriction of their own freedom, but the moderators put another meaning into this – ensuring the comfort and safety of using the social network. Few people pay attention to the fact that when registering, almost any social network asks to put a tick and agree to certain conditions. Often a person puts a mark without looking, and then gets banned for violation. This is precisely where their importance lies – to be familiar and not to violate. For those who do not like to read long documents with specific vocabulary and many nuances, we have compiled a basic slot gacor excerpt from the requirements of the Tik Tok administration.

What can and cannot be uploaded to TikTok

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The global community emerged in 2015 and has been setting up its target audience for a long time. In 2021, the majority of network users are children, teenagers, young people. Therefore, all publications in feeds and personal profiles are thoroughly checked for compliance with the terms of use. The only thing to remember here is that you cannot post content that in some way RTP Slot Gacor harms other people.

Which videos cannot be published

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TikTok community rules imply a ban on the publication of such materials:

  • videos that incline to participate in terrorist organizations or to carry out acts of a terrorist nature;
  • aimed at encouraging suicide, causing harm to their health;
  • content that encourages people to harm the health and lives of others;
  • videos that talk about creating causes for a slot terbaru digestive tract disorder;
  • with elements of intimidation, threats, risk of physical or mental harm;
  • sale of bombs, weapons, improvised explosive devices;
  • promotion of gambling and prohibited lotteries;
  • any content that calls for committing violations prohibited by applicable law.
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The punishment for non-compliance is one – a ban. You will receive a temporary block for serious offenses, and an eternal blacklist for serious violations. In addition, if you are spotted in videos that call for the commission of criminal offenses, law enforcement officers will come to your home.


What can you upload?

It is allowed to post neutral publications that are entertaining or educational in nature. This is why the platform was created.

What not to do in Tik Tok

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According to the developers, any social network is not a place for violence and shocking shots. How do you determine if a specific video is worth publishing? View it and think – would you like to show it to your children, parents? If not, then it has no place in the tape.

List of prohibited actions

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The following videos are under the strict taboo of the TikTok administration:

  • clips 18+;
  • scenes of violence;
  • calls for suicide or self-harm;
  • demonstration of methods of self-production of medicines and distribution of this on the Internet;
  • bullying;
  • spam;
  • threats to health and life;
  • the risk of physical harm;
  • plagiarism.

Why does it write “It is forbidden to upload”?

Each of your publications is checked by moderators. Therefore, the actual posting occurs some time after you have uploaded the work to the server. If the modders found prohibited elements in your video, the system will send a message with the notification “It is forbidden to upload”. Then it is important to watch the video, find invalid frames and remove or reshoot them.

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Sex in Tik Tok

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Erotica and videos 18+ are published clearly not in Tik Tok. Excessive revelation is punishable by blocking and denying access to publish. It is forbidden to make videos that encourage violence and its propaganda. This also includes content with animals – zoophilia. There is also criminal responsibility for this. Do not make videos that show excessively naked bodies. Do not post footage containing prostitution or sex trafficking.

Breaking TikTok Community Rules and Child Safety

Since most web users are children, it is important to be careful about what you upload to your profile. You must understand that children will see it. If you do not want to injure their psyche, strictly follow all the requirements of the administration. Only then will the social network be safe and acceptable for users under 18.

tiktok community rules 8

You should also refrain from frank correspondence and communication with minors. Do not persecute children. If you are a parent and notice that your child, who is under 13, has registered on the network under a fake date of birth, contact the resource’s support service.

Harassment or cyberbullying

A separate article is the punishment for cyberbullying. Let’s start with an explanation. Bullying is the infringement of a person on certain grounds, intimidation, outrage. There are several classifications of such an illegal phenomenon:

  • physical;
  • psychological;
  • material;
  • sexual;
  • digital.

Digital bullying is a relatively new concept. The active development of social networks has served this. All kinds of threats, intimidation and hating are cyberbullying. If the administration notices that you are negatively active towards another user, you will be blocked without the possibility of recovery.

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Cyberbullying also includes the dissemination of personal information – real name, address, phone number, etc.

Tik Tok spam – breaks the rules

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Spam is another disliked topic for many people. Spam includes sending advertisements, job offers or requests to subscribe to a page. If you post or send this too often, the system will notice suspicious activity on your page. Also, you will be blocked after three spam complaints. They are allowed to be left to every user who has encountered a violation in his direction.

Other malicious activity that breaks the rules

Respect should be shown not only to other people, but also to the TikTok company itself. Therefore, do not interfere with its work, do not try to hack or cheat resources, do not spread fakes. Do not share links or files that contain viruses or logic bombs.

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