TikTok has a live feed – “Top Broadcasts”

A separate feed will probably appear in Tik-Tok, which will show users’ live broadcasts. This feed is almost an exact copy of how Periscope works and is called Top Streams.

Today we received a notification in our TikTok account and we hasten to share this news with you.

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How to watch the live stream on Tik-Tok and how it works

To open a feed consisting only of live broadcasts – go to the “Inbox” section and click on the notification, “Top broadcasts” where the “Watch” button is displayed next to it. Perhaps in the future this section will have a separate button in the menu below, or the broadcasts will be displayed on the main page.

On the screen with a live broadcast, the nickname and photo of the author of the broadcast are shown, and below how many users are online. You can also subscribe to your account here. Below is a feed of comments and there is a share button. To write a comment, click in the “Comment.” and start typing.

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How to write a comment on live Tik-Tok

If you want to support the author of the live broadcast, you can send him a gift bought for the local currency – coins. Thus, authors will be able to earn.

Gifts at Tik-Tok To make a gift, click on the gift-shaped icon at the bottom of the screen.

How to make a gift on Tik-Tok live

To buy gifts, you first need to top up your account.

Also, you can share the live stream with another user by sending a broadcast with a personal message or post an announcement in other social networks.

Postium editorial comment:

“At the moment, there have been no official announcements of the innovation, so most likely the function is being tested and not all users have it yet. Nevertheless, this is a very important update, which significantly expands the capabilities of Tiktokers and will allow them to use live broadcasts as a more independent type of content. In addition, live broadcasts on Tik-Tok will then be able to receive more coverage and will not compete with regular videos in the recommendation feed. “

Earlier in Tik-Tok appeared video responses to comments.

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