TikTok launched a new feature – automatic subtitles


TikTok has launched a new option for videos – Captions. This feature generates subtitles, allowing authors to quickly add text to their videos.

TikTok launches a new option for videos – automatic subtitles

If you turn on automatic subtitles in TikTok, viewers will see a text transcript of the audio from the video.

How to make subtitles in Tick-Tock: step by step instructions

Step 1: To enable automatic subtitling in Tik-Tok you need to click “Captions” button after uploading or recording video.

Step 2. After processing, you’ll see the caption text at the bottom. To edit it, click the pencil icon.

This will open the signature editing window. Here you can remove unnecessary text or change it if there are mistakes somewhere.

Once subtitles are enabled, they are superimposed on the clip by default, but viewers will be able to turn them off in their playback settings.

According to the developers, subtitles can help increase viewing time and increase responses to clips. Users have added text over videos before, but each time it had to be done manually.

The functionality is already available to all users.

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