TikTok launched dislikes for comments


After testing for the past six months, TikTok has announced that it is launching dislikes in comments for all users. With dislikes, users will be able to flag inappropriate comments under videos.

Button for the disliking will have a pretty classic look and will be in the bottom right corner of each comment.

At the same time, unlike other platforms, disliking in TikTok will serve not as an indicator of the reaction of the audience, and a means to detect negative behavior. That is, something like a quick complaint about a comment.

Also, the number of dislikes will not be displayed under the comments, and the user whose comment received a dislike will not see who put the dis. In addition, negative ratings do not affect the display and are a signal only for the moderators of TikTok, who will apply measures to violators according to the rules of the platform.

The purpose of the innovation is to prevent and reduce the amount of negativity an author may have in comments. It should also make TikTok more civilized and positive.

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