TikTok Lite for Android and iPhone for free

TikTok Lite is a more abbreviated version of the official TikTok. It is used on mobile devices with any operating system, and its difference is in narrower functionality. The advantage is that the software is lightweight. But few people know about the existence of apk with the “Lite” prefix. In this article, you will find a description of the program, a list of devices on which it works, and step-by-step instructions for launching and using it.

Features of the Lite app

The light version differs from the full one in some functional features:

  • limited tools for video publishing;
  • there is no possibility of using stickers;
  • takes almost half the memory;
  • designed for the Android 4.1 operating system. and less;tik tok lite features
  • suitable for gadgets where there is little RAM (up to 1 GB);
  • not all information is cached;
  • no smooth transitions and animations;
  • in the settings, only profile editing and the ability to block someone are available.

Based on these descriptions, the conclusion is made that the cut-down version lags behind the large-scale version in many ways. It is only suitable for viewing the tape. For full use, it is better to use the official program from the Play Store or Appstore.

What devices do they support?

In 2021, it is known that all phones with the Android 4.1 and higher operating system are supported.

Where can I find the TikTok Light app?

tik tok light

If you decide to install a version of the Tik Tok social network, then you can find it either in the Play Store or in other open Internet sources. Official software has been published on Google Play and the App Store, but on third-party sites on the Internet it is possible to download an apk with hacked settings for free.

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When the file has already been downloaded to the device:

  • click on it;
  • in the settings, allow installation from unfamiliar sources;
  • wait for the unpacking process to finish.

It is also possible to download via a computer:

  • download the file to your PC;
  • connect two devices to each other via USB;
  • enable debugging via YUSB;
  • transfer the file from PC to smartphone;
  • from your smartphone go to the explorer and find the desired content by name;
  • click and start the installation process.

Installation and launch

installation and launch

When everything is ready, go to your desktop and click on the program icon. The software will start and an authorization window will appear. The downside of downloading TikTok Light is the lack of updates. That is, all the mistakes and shortcomings that this social network format has will not go away.

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