TikTok now has video replies to comments


TikTok has added a feature that will allow you to reply to user comments via video.

Let’s figure out why this tool is needed and how to use it.

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How to record a video response to a comment in Tik-Tok

A video response can only be posted in response to a comment under your video. You cannot reply to comments using videos under other people’s videos.

Step 1… We open the video, under which slot gacor hari ini there is a comment to which we will reply. Click on the comment icon.

Step 2… Find the desired comment and click on it to reply.

How to make a video response to a comment on Tik-Tok

A field for entering text will appear, where on the left there will be a button for a video response – click on it.

Reply to comment on Tik-Tok

Or you can just hold down the desired Slot Bonus New Member 100 Di Awal comment and select “Post video in response” in the menu that appears.

How to post a video in response to a comment on TikTok

Step 3… After that, the video recording window will open with all the standard Tik-Tok functions. On the left, the comment we are responding to will be displayed.

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How to record a video commentary in Tik-Tok

We write down the answer, add effects for videos, stickers or text at our discretion. Finally, we publish it like a regular video. The description will mention the user we are responding to.

Publishing a video commentary in Tik-Tok

The video will appear in the profile, just like a regular clip.

Video response to a comment in TikTok

In addition, the same video will be shown below the comment we replied to.

Video response

How to use?

Since video responses to comments are published in the profile like regular videos, too frequent use of this function will lead to the fact that your entire profile will consist of video comments.

Only use case: answering the question that appears most often in the comments. Perhaps from video to video, you are being pursued with the same question – maybe it’s time to answer?

As a reminder, TikTok has previously updated the rules for the use of music for companies, and also added an entrance to the web version.

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