TikTok to add the ability to tag people in videos


TikTok is testing a new feature – user tagging on videos, which will allow you to tag other accounts in clips.

The new option is in addition to mentions (through the @ symbol) in the video description, which will save space in the description for hashtags or your text.

So, in terms of functionality, it’s not a major upgrade, other than the fact that the mark will be on the video rather than in the description.

How to tag an account in a Tik Tok video: step-by-step instructions

To tag a person in your Tik Tok video, start creating the video as usual. Add music, effects and other elements as needed, and in the last step, before the actual publication, you can add the mark to the video.

Under the description, you’ll need to click “Tag people” and then select who you want to tag.

The new option will be useful both for brands, which will be able to mention all the people who participated in the creation of content, and for bloggers, which will be able to tag all the participants in the videos, where a lot of people are filmed.

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