TikTok vs Like – which app is better and more popular?

“Which is better than TikTok or Like?” – get the answer to this question by analyzing both resources. Learn more about social networking in this article.

A bit of history

To understand the features of both applications, it is advisable to learn the history of their appearance and further development. And also, in which country it was founded and how it influenced the concept.

Tik tok

Tik Tok launched in 2015. In 2018, it was downloaded more times than Facebook and Instagram. TikTok was developed by a Chinese company that noticed that karaoke apps are more popular among young people. We decided not to miss this trend and create a cool program that allows you to upload videos where you open your mouth to funny music.


Likee’s new app has exploded online since its inception. Like was invented in Singapore in 2018. It is focused on the attention of children, therefore it has strict rules for publishing.zashkvary in tik tok and like

What is the meaning of the Like app and TikTok

The main point is to shoot cool videos that are 15 seconds long. Many bloggers make money from such publications by doing advertising and promotion. This situation provokes Like vs TikTok.

Tik Tok vs Like – a detailed comparison

The applications are similar. Main general characteristics:

  • high quality interface;
  • shooting short videos;
  • adding music to videos;
  • lack of copyright;
  • no restrictions for watching trash videos;
  • popularity is determined by the number of followers, reposts, likes;
  • the level of demand increases according to the principle of mutual subscription;
  • various special effects;
  • viewing and editing collections before publishing;
  • cannot be hacked to boost likes and subscribers;
  • no restrictions on the number of views and likes;
  • the presence of advertising and additional paid features.
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Mutual counter – creating high-quality videos to music. From negative indicators – they quickly drain the smartphone’s battery.

Programs also have differences:

  • occupied space after downloading – Like is 150 MB, and TikTok – 430 MB;
  • Laik’s special effects – “Super Power” and “4D visualization”;
  • Tik Tok has all the conditions to create better videos;
  • Laika developers update the application more often;
  • Tik Tok has a special add-on application that allows you to create high-quality photos as a background image.

The target audience of the applications is different. Schoolchildren use likes more often. Whereas Tik Tok is more interesting for teenagers.tick tok vs like

what is cooler like or tick tok

Control panels and download speed

At first glance, the control panels are similar. There is a Home button, search, download, notification and profile.

To watch the video, you need to swipe up. To go to the page of the blogger you like – swipe to the left. It is noteworthy that in Tik Tok there is less waiting time between these actions. That is, the application is faster.

Initially, applications were developed to work on the basis of Android and iOS. But through the torrent, you can download free emulators that allow you to install programs on your laptop and PC. Even in this format, users can use all the same advantages as on the phone – write and read comments. In some situations, it is more convenient to open applications on a PC. Less battery power consumption. And watching videos is much more comfortable on the big screen.


The similarity of the apps is based on a common goal of video and promotion of the footage.

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The main differences are interface, layout and design. Higher quality pictures in Tik Tok are not available for every gadget. Tik Tok is more difficult to install – you need an emulator. For Likes to work well, you need constant activity – an increase in subscribers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tik Tok allows you to create a high-quality picture thanks to well-thought-out filters. Live communication is poorly developed in Laiki. This portal is purely for viewing and uploading videos. Personal pages are reliably protected from fraudsters. Glitches and lags are not observed in the work.

What is more popular Like or Tik Tok

The popularity of both apps is driven by young audiences who have time to promote the channel. There are, of course, older fans, but usually these are people under 21 years old. The number of Tik Tok downloads is 500 million, while Like so far is only 100 million. But still, Like is considered titled. He has more various awards. Users rate its quality higher than TikTok. It is enough to look at the rating in the Play Market to assess their opposition.

Which is better like or Tik Tok

Tik Tok or Like? Is a topical issue in 2021. But these are the best video maker and download apps. Which program is better to choose is an individual decision. It is optimal to download both, test, and then decide. It is also important to objectively assess the capabilities of your smartphone – TikTok requires good hardware.

And if it is not possible to decide, then the development of applications for high-quality videos does not stop. The Chinese company has released the application Kwai, which is known only to the target audience so far.

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