TikTok will allow you to tag books in videos


In TikTok there will be a new option in the section “Add link” – it will be available to mention books in videos.

The function is implemented in partnership with Penguin Random House (American book publisher) and should help the authors who are placing the publications with the tag #BookTok (more than 77 billion views).

Before posting a video, users will now have an option to add a link to the book, which allows them to search for the book by title to add it to the video.

The title of the book will show up in the video above the caption, and the link will lead to a special page with details about the book, including a synopsis and other videos mentioning it.

At this stage, users in the United States and the United Kingdom will have access to the BookTok feature and will be able to tag books available in their country.

In addition, there will be a separate tab in the situs slot pulsa tanpa potongan profile where authors will be able to post their favorite books.

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