TikTok will have a Q&A function that will allow you to ask questions


TikTok is trying to get more engagement from subscribers with a new Q&A feature. Now users will be able to ask a question to the authors and get an answer in future videos or live broadcasts.

Currently, only select contributors can enable Q&A. How this is done is shown in the screenshot below.

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A new icon for questions is next to the comment line:

How to ask a question in Tik-Tok

and also in the profile:

Q&A function in Tik-Tok

After clicking the icon, a screen appears where you can leave a question. Content authors can record a video response and answer the question asked.

How to answer a question in Tik-Tok

Subscribers can see the entire list of questions to the author, they can like them, thereby voting for the one they like. Previously, TikTok users could only ask questions while streaming.

Earlier, TikTok limited user accounts to 16 years old, and an electronic wallet appeared in the Chinese version of TikTok.



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