TikTok will launch a chain of restaurants under the “TikTok Kitchen” brand


TikTok plans to launch restaurants under the “TikTok Kitchen” brand with delivery across the U.S. next March.

TikTok Kitchen will handle the delivery of ready-to-eat meals. The menu will feature dishes that have become popular thanks to videos on the app – tiktok pasta, pasta chips, corn ribs and more. The menu will be updated every three months.

Previously, TikTok, as part of a trend review shared this list of the most popular foods.

So why does TikTok want to get into the restaurant business?

Most likely, the TikTok Kitchen project is another way to promote the brand, increase awareness, and follow food delivery trends. In addition, the launch of TikTok Kitchen is in line with the platform’s strategic development in e-commerce, which will allow even more users to order and pay for items in the app.

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