TikTok will make the “Promote” button under videos available to all business accounts


After testing for the past few months, TikTok is rolling out a “Promote” button for all business accounts.

Starting this month, the “Promote” button will help turn any TikTok video into an ad that can be used to increase views, attract new subscribers or drive traffic to your site.

How to promote a commercial in Tik-Tok: startup instructions

This option will be similar to the “Promote” button in Instagram, with which you can quickly run ads.

Once this option is available, do the following to run ads:

Step 1. Choose the video you want to promote – you can take any video from your profile. Of course, it’s better to choose the most popular or effective video.

Step 2. Open the video menu and click on the icon in the video fire, with the caption “Promote”.

Step 3. Set up the ads. Select the goal of the advertising campaign: reach, website conversions or attracting subscribers. If you choose “Visits to website” you should enter the URL of the website and select the action button (“Read more” , “Buy now” or “Register”).

Step 4. Set the budget and specify the duration of the advertising campaign, as well as the parameters of the target audience.

As for the audience, you can choose “Automatic” or “Custom”. In the first case, TikTok will show your video to people it thinks may be interested in your video, in the second – you set your own targeting settings: gender, age, interests, etc.

Step 5. After the launch, monitor the effectiveness of the advertisement and make changes if necessary.

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Important: You can create a promo only with publicly available videos that do not use copyrighted music. Therefore, companies will not be able to create ads with trending tracks.

Promoted clips will be shown in the feed marked “Promoted”


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