TikTok will reveal how social network algorithms work

TikTok’s new CEO Kevin Meyer has promised to reveal all the secrets of the social network’s algorithms. The statement was released amid discussions on the possible blocking of TikTok in the US.

According to Mayer, TikTok attracted the attention of the US authorities due to its “Chinese origin.” To be more transparent, the company promised to open access to algorithms, content moderation data and information about data collection for experts. According to the head of the service, all companies should do this.

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To do this, TikTok will launch the Transparency and Accountability Center in Los Angeles for moderation and data practices, which will store all social media streams and constantly evolving code. During a pandemic, the center will conduct online tours of its data.

Mayer also called for fair competition:

“We believe that fair competition will do better for everyone. We support the launch of competing products. Facebook launched a copycat – Reels tied to Instagram – after their other copycat, Lasso, flopped. Let’s focus on fair and open competition, not malicious attacks like Facebook does. Under the guise of patriotism, the company wants to end our US presence. Without TikTok, the choice of American advertisers will be poorer again. Competition will disappear, and America’s creative energy will also disappear.

It should be noted that Kevin Meyer made his first public announcement just hours before the expected antitrust hearing involving tech giants Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, noting specifically that TikTok has proven that healthy competition still exists in the social media market. After all, it was this entertainment application that was able to overcome the duopoly of Google and Facebook mobile advertising in a short time.

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In addition, in order to ease the wariness of TikTok in the US as much as possible, Kevin Meyer talked about TikTok’s new investments in community building in the country, including through a fund for American creators. So far, $ 200 million has been allocated for it, but it is expected that it will soon grow to $ 1 billion in the United States and to $ 2 billion worldwide in the next 3 years. It is also planned to create 10,000 new jobs from TikTok in the United States.

Previously, TikTok added game templates for creating ads, and the social network and the NMPA entered into a multi-year licensing agreement for the use of musical works.

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