TOP 10 best books on SMM

Any area of ​​Internet marketing requires constant improvement of their knowledge, skills, and abilities. The best books on SMM will help you with this: despite the fact that market trends are constantly changing, they describe the current fundamentals, principles of interaction with the audience and “chips” of competent promotion in social networks.

Professional literature helps specialists – marketers and SMM-specialists – to study modern methods of work, test new techniques and delve deeply into the basics of promotion. There are many different books on the market, but first you should choose the best ones and get knowledge from trusted sources, from active professionals. The best copies are collected in our rating!

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# 1. Damir Khalilov. Social Media Marketing

This literature of 2014 is adapted specifically for the Russian market. The author honestly writes which methods work and do not work in our country, shares his clear examples and figures, and gives general recommendations. This is one of the most popular reference books for marketers and all those who have anything to do with SMM.

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# 2. Shama Boar. Zen-style SMM. 2012

The literature was published back in 2012, but it still remains relevant. Now it is one of the bestsellers in the field. It describes in detail how to work with different channels – from Facebook to Twittera. There is a strategy for working in new media, a lot of useful advice based on the author’s business practice and real life examples.

Number 3. Dan Kennedy. “Hard SMM”. 2017

This is the new bestseller in social media marketing. Its author, Kennedy, is a well-known entrepreneur who combines many professions. Co-author Welsh-Phillips is a speaker and director of a direct marketing agency for social media. networks. The book is written simply and easily; it also provides a lot of practical advice that is relevant for the next 2-3 years.

No. 4. Dmitry Rumyantsev. “Business promotion on Vkontakte. Fast and cost effective. ” 2014

The book covers only one social network, but gives detailed recommendations for its use. It describes all possible channels

promotion inside VK, and recommendations are also given on a promotion strategy without your site, with only one page or group.

No. 5. Clara Sheeh. “Era of Facebook”. 2011

The guide describes in detail how to work with the social network Facebook, but along the way it touches on other sources of traffic in SMM. It tells about where to look for new ideas for brand promotion, how to get the job done faster, better and cheaper, how to get the maximum benefit from your presence in the global network.

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No. 6. Mike Miller. “YouTube for Business”. 2012

It describes a social network that is not quite familiar to Russians – a world-famous video hosting. The literature provides step-by-step instructions for promotion: from developing a company’s strategy to tracking the effectiveness of posted videos. The detailed manual is full of examples, allows you to immediately implement them in practice.

No. 7. Jason Falls, Eric Decker. “Social Media Marketing. Just about the main thing. ” 2012

In it, the authors prove the effectiveness of using social networks by personal example; describe interesting methods of attracting an audience, talk about tools in an accessible way. This book is suitable for anyone looking to expand their business or learn how to engage in dialogue with an audience.

No. 8. Andy Cernovitz. “Word of mouth marketing. How smart companies make people talk about themselves. 2012

This guide contains a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get social media users to talk and discuss your brand. Described are good news stories, as well as the transformation of word of mouth into competent promotion of the company.

No. 9. Andrey Parabellum, Nikolay Mrochkovsky. “Social networks. A source of new clients for business. ” 2013.

Here are the principles of work in two social networks: In contact with and Facebook… The processes of obtaining a flow of customers, monetization, competent page design and the right choice of content are described in detail. There are some valuable practical tips.

No. 10. Andrey Albitov. “Facebook. How to find 100,000 friends for your business for free ”. 2011

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The author talks about his experience, successful and unsuccessful decisions, the right strategies for interacting with the target audience. Preference is given to free and natural promotion in social networks.

We hope you have already noticed something from our TOP of the best books on SMM promotion and went to look for where to order.

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