TOP 10 best video hosting sites in Russia and in the world

Video hosting is a service for viewing and adding videos in a browser through a special player. Now video hosting is replacing television. Users need them to watch any content for free without having to download it to a computer. Video hosting is necessary for authors to promote a brand, attract an audience and monetize a channel.

Today you will find a review of the 10 best and most popular video hosting sites with a brief description and listing of the advantages and disadvantages of each service.

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Video Hosting Review Criteria

When choosing a service for posting your videos, it is important to consider a number of parameters:

  1. The number of active users.
  2. In which countries is video hosting popular, its language.
  3. Site theme.
  4. Paid / free access.
  5. Number of ads.
  6. The presence of monetization (in its absence, the channel is suitable only for attracting target audience to a personal page on social networks).
  7. Additional features such as launching live broadcasts, discussions, polls and stories.
  8. Limitations on the length and size of files.
  9. Integration with social networks to increase the popularity of content.
  10. Access to comprehensive statistics.

10 of the best and most popular video hosting sites

Let’s consider the most famous paid and free services.


Opens our YouTube ranking. Video hosting ranks first in the world in terms of the number of users – its audience watches over 6 billion hours of video every day. YouTube has a user-friendly interface and wide functionality. You can subscribe to interesting channels, leave comments, put likes / dislikes.

Each registered user can share their favorite video on Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. And also send the video by email or embed the code on your website.

The service supports importing videos from Google Photos. It makes it possible to conduct live broadcasts and draw the audience’s attention to videos using chat. After registering on YouTube, you can upload videos in Full HD and 4K. 3D support has been implemented.

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Video hosting monitors copyright compliance. After three comments due to violations, the account and all content is blocked.


  • multimillion audience;
  • communication with the audience in private messages, discussions and comments, plots and polls functions;
  • simple live broadcasts;
  • promoting your videos through the Featured section;
  • access to detailed channel analytics;
  • monetization through AdSense and the media network.


  • high level of competition;
  • without AdBlock, there can be many ads in one video.

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Rutube video hosting

This is the Russian analogue of YouTube. Several million people use video hosting every day.

RuTube is created by analogy with YouTube, but has the following features:

  • content is divided into thematic groups and designed taking into account the content;
  • you can download videos in MP4, MPEG, FLV and WMV format up to 50 minutes;
  • the main content is Russian serials, TV shows, cartoons and news;
  • you can watch the TOP of the day, month and the best videos for the entire existence of the service.


  • many Russian-speaking users;
  • the possibility of free creation of live broadcasts;
  • integration with popular social networks;
  • availability of monetization.


  • the content is not as diverse as on YouTube;
  • you cannot turn off the display of related videos;
  • the presence of intrusive advertising.


Dailymotion Video Hosting

The service is popular in the Western market, its attendance is 116 million users per month. Now developers are introducing it into the Russian-speaking segment.

Videos are displayed here as a convenient news feed. The service covers various topics: from political news to music trends. You can change the content of your feed by marking interests in the settings. Content creators are allowed to upload up to 4GB of videos up to an hour in length.


  • various topics;
  • you can upload multiple files at the same time;
  • users form a feed based on interests.


  • few Russian-language videos;
  • the process and conditions of monetization are at the testing stage.


Hosting Vzaar

This video hosting specializes in educational content with lectures from specialists from different industries. It is a professional video platform similar to TEDx but on a larger scale.

Vzaar is a paid service (from $ 19 per month). Tariffs differ in bandwidth, traffic and disk space.

Video hosting allows you to edit borders and colors, add subtitles and a watermark. The content creator can allow impressions on specific domains and generate rss feeds.

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  • many discussions and lectures on various topics;
  • there is no advertising annoying to viewers;
  • videos can be downloaded from PC and mobile device.


  • no monetization;
  • paid access.

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Vimeo video hosting

This English-language resource is just beginning to gain popularity in the CIS. Video hosting was among the first to support HD format. Thanks to its sophisticated interface and variety of content, Vimeo has 100 million monthly visits. The site has videos of various topics, but most of all the site is known for music videos.

The regular profile owner can add one HD video and 500 MB of video each week. Pro account holders can host up to 5 GB per week 50 GB, including commercial videos.


  • quick registration;
  • the ability to add corrective filters;
  • high percentage of monetization;
  • little advertising.


  • deleting accounts of copyright violators without warning;
  • severe restrictions on the number and size of videos for standard accounts.


10 of the best and most popular video hosting sites

Foreign video hosting, created for the quick exchange of gifs and videos, download content and communicate through comments. Service attendance – up to 40 million unique users per month.

The video you uploaded must be exclusive – vines, humor and life hacks are common. Registered users can add HD videos up to 2GB.

To monetize a video, you need to get 20 thousand views, after which the system will pay you $ 5 per thousand views.


  • with no restrictions;
  • variety of content;
  • availability of clear monetization conditions.


  • the video must be exclusive;
  • a lot of advertising.

Video @ Mail.Ru

Video @ Mail.Ru

More than 43 million users use this video hosting every month. To add a video to the service, you need to register on the My World social network.

File size – up to 1 GB, there is no limit on the duration. You can restrict access to unauthorized persons or make videos publicly available. It is noteworthy that there are practically no prohibitions with copyrights – you can find many films and TV series.

In terms of additional features, videos can be added to favorites, post videos on a blog, comment and vote on content.


  • minimum bans;
  • no restrictions or censorship;


  • poor video quality due to strong compression;
  • you cannot select a picture for a preview;
  • a short ad is shown before the video.

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Russian video hosting, owned by Yandex, which makes it in high demand. Videos posted here occupy high positions in search results.

All Yandex services work under one account, which is very convenient. There is HD support. Videos can be added from PC, webcam or internet via albums. The size limit is 750 MB.


  • high positions of content in the search;
  • good video quality is maintained;
  • the ability to choose a preview from the three proposed options.


  • Yandex monitors copyright infringement;
  • high level of competition.

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Video hosting traffic is 300 thousand people a day. The service allows you to upload amateur videos and create groups. Users can view the last uploaded video, the most discussed and popular.

The system provides widgets for Yandex and Google and has a mobile version. There is a video rating system, users can leave comments on videos.


  • short videos on different topics;
  • availability of widgets and a mobile version;
  • integration with social networks.


  • advertising before the video;
  • quality degradation after compression.


Toxicbun is exactly the resource that will help you create your own unique video and upload it to the network in just a couple of minutes.

  • Ease of registration. To register, you don’t have to fill in unnecessary fields. This can be done using an email address or social media account in just a couple of minutes.
  • Easy to download videos. Once you have registered, you can immediately upload a video on any topic. The site will quickly process it and make it public.
  • Flexible service algorithms. If what you filmed is really interesting, the site’s algorithms will not allow the video to be left unattended and many other people will watch it.


Vimple video hosting

Paid video hosting at a price from 390 to 2130 rubles per month. The test period is 15 days.

The resource has many useful functions for business: restricting access, adding text, creating direct links, a form for collecting user contacts. The Business and Pro versions have a PRO player with your chosen logo.

At any tariff, you can upload videos in high quality (HD) without restrictions on the number and traffic. Video size – up to 1 GB and 2 GB on the Pro plan. Monetization is available for Business and Pro plans.


  • wide functionality for business;
  • high quality uploaded video;


  • paid access;
  • monetization is not available on all tariffs;
  • advertising over video at a cheap rate.

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