TOP 10 free services for creating infographics

Infographics are very popular among bloggers and SMM specialists… And this is understandable: 65% of people prefer visual content, it gets 2-3 times more views and likes than a regular publication.

Infographics are graphical representations of complex information for clear and quick perception.

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Unlike ordinary pictures, infographics are self-sufficient: they do not require additional descriptions and auxiliary entries. The peculiarities of infographics include the associative connection of graphic objects, their usefulness and meaningfulness, and effective presentation.

For example, you need to tell your audience how to make a pizza. This can be done using photographs with the stages of preparation and a separate list of ingredients, or using one picture of a pizza and arrows leading to it with different ingredients. The second option is infographics.

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Infographics as a marketing tool

Graphic content increases conversion and the number of shares, besides, it is better remembered by the audience. Through such posts, you can demonstrate expertise and increase brand awareness (you just need to add a logo or website address). Infographics can increase subscriber loyalty, attract the attention of new readers, and increase sales. It is suitable for use in communities and social media profiles, on different sites, in email newsletters.

The key infographic formats are static and animated images, interactive interfaces, and video content.

To advance the project, you can choose any visualization tool:

  • covers – part of the design of a group in social networks or an information product (for example, cover for VK);
  • checklists – visual checklist;
  • Decision tree – structured guide to choosing a product;
  • mind maps – organizing information for planning or training (for example, for creating a Customer Journey Map);
  • block diagrams – graphical algorithm for reports and statistics;
  • information cards – to highlight a fact, advice or example;
  • visual instructions – to quickly solve the problem of users;
  • riddles and comics – for intensive distribution in social networks.

Static infographics from scratch to order in studios costs $ 100-500. Of course, you can save money and go to the freelance exchange – here prices start at 500 rubles. Another way is to develop visual content yourself using paid online services such as Infoactive at $ 30 per month. But there is a more rosy alternative …

How to make an infographic

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10 free services for creating infographics

Today’s collection of tools is for those who do not have Adobe Photoshop skills and are not ready to spend money on visual content.



It is a powerful online tool for a variety of design tasks, from developing social media cards, logos, to creating presentations and other infographics. The work of the Russian-language service is organized according to the principle of implementing ready-made, easily customizable templates. Users have access to a library of fonts, icons and pictures, upload their own graphics. You can add links to external sites and create a team with 400 members to quickly share folders and designs.

PRO accounts allow you to expand the gallery and introduce elements of your brand, open access to team functions and export animation. In addition, they make it possible to sort content into folders, remove the restriction on data storage – in the free version, this is given 1 GB. Monthly cost – from $ 12.95 per month for each team member. A free trial period of 30 days is provided.


The clear leader of today’s review is simple and multifunctional. This platform is not Russified. But it has an intuitive interface, so creating a picture from scratch or on a ready-made template does not require much effort from you. The resource is launched from both PCs and mobile devices. makes it easy to visualize reports, event chronology, processes and comparisons. The service is suitable for creating resumes, presentations, additions to articles and reports – colors, fonts, shapes, sizes, shapes, lines and arrows provide flexible settings. In the editor, you can load images, control the transparency of elements. Files downloaded from have no watermarks.

The free account has 25 photos and 65 images, 10 fonts, 10 infographic templates and 4 diagrams. In this case, projects created on the site will be available to other users.

By paying 4 $ per month, you will have at your disposal over 11 million objects, 320 templates, 112 fonts, 20 types of charts and graphs. In this case, only you will see the created infographic, in addition, high-quality export will be possible.



Another English-language resource with rich features. However, to use them, authorization is required. For registration, email or Google, Facebook account is suitable.

At the time of this writing, there are 13 options for presentations, 25 templates for printed products (flyers, reports, posters) and 9 “skeletons” directly for infographics. You can also add your own visual effects to the dashboard and create visual content from scratch. The free file can be downloaded only in PNG format in normal or medium quality. Please note: Piktochart logo will be added below.

As for the paid plans, in the package Lite for $ 12.5 600 additional templates and 100MB downloads available every month.

There is also a package PRO for $ 24.17 per month… It includes 600 templates, 1GB image downloads, PDF and HD export, watermark removal, personalized colors, and more.

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This English-language service also requires registration – after it you will get access to 37 types of interactive templates and 13 types of maps. The free plan allows you to create up to 10 projects, import data and publish content on the Internet.

The platform is suitable for drawing interactive schemes, diagrams, online maps. The user can edit all elements of the selected template; add pictures, text and even videos from YouTube or Vimeo to it.

Paid rates start from $ 19 to $ 149… They all provide for:

  • access to 550 types of cards;
  • confidentiality control;
  • the ability to download HD illustrations;
  • access to a million images and icons;
  • using premium templates.

The price difference is explained by the number of projects, analytics, the introduction of its own logo and custom design.



The service is suitable for drawing presentations, portfolios, photo stories. No special skills are required to use it. After authorization, the user has access to the full functionality of the editor with the ability to change text and transparency, insert video and combine individual elements. The free version is limited to creating one project with 10 pages. The downloaded files are marked with Readymag branding.

Paid tariffs (from $ 16 per month) share with your team members, allowing you to work on an unlimited number of projects with any number of pages. In this case, the service watermark is absent, and you can add your domain name to the infographic. In addition, analytics are connected, SEO settings, the ability to export and enter a code appears.

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Time Graphics

Time Graphics

The cloud service is designed to create a feed of chronological events, compare processes and results. It makes it easy to visualize business plans or historical dates. Infographics can be drawn from scratch, or you can use ready-made options as a basis (change color and text, delete or add events, graphics, images and videos). Co-editing and export of the created widget to the site as code is available.

Among the advantages of Time Graphics, we note the Russian-language menu and numerous integrations:

  • YouTube;
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Calendar;
  • Vimeo;
  • API Reports of your server;
  • Google Search Console;
  • Google Maps;
  • Google Analytics;
  • World Bank data library (statistics by countries, regions).

The free plan has weak functionality. You can download the project only in low quality and with a watermark. To remove branding and expand functionality, you will have to pay $ 2 for two weeks or pay a fee for a month, six months, a year of use.



After a quick registration in the online service, you will be able to generate diagrams, maps, network diagrams and flowcharts. The editor has 120 templates, based on which you can easily create your own infographics (add and edit text, lines, shapes, tables).

Cacoo features cloud storage integration and an open changelog. There is a team sharing and export of the finished project for printing.

The free plan provides for limited exchange of schemes, creation of only six pages and downloads of files only in png. Expansion of functionality will cost you $ 4.95 monthly for one person, $ 18 for three people and $ 600 for 10 team members



This online tool is suitable for both desktop and mobile devices. It is designed for creating presentations and other infographics: you can add text, animation, backgrounds, shapes and elements to the selected template.

There is a design filter by color and theme. However, the free version only provides basic capabilities for creating and storing one project. If you need to work on an unlimited number of presentations, increase functionality and control privacy, you will have to pay from $ 5 to $ 59 per month. The price for corporate use is $ 1800-6000 per year ($ 600 for each employee).

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It is an easy-to-use Russian-language online platform that makes it easy to create:

  • flyer;
  • poster;
  • newsletter;
  • a picture for social networks;
  • summary;
  • invitation;
  • report;
  • presentation;
  • infographics.

After registration, the service offers to choose from the mass of templates three options you like – based on these data, the “Recommended” section will subsequently be formed. The editor contains the following graphic tools: background, text, icons, charts, maps, photos, frames, icons, and even interactive. You can add images from your PC.

Only infographics includes 12 thematic sections, including schedule, geodata, statistics, processes. But most of the templates are available for purchase. Monthly price – $ 12 per person or $ 49 per organization… Convenient export to pdf and png is not available at the free plan (only the publication of the finished project online is provided).



Using the service, you can quickly create diagrams and diagrams, in particular, by choosing a template and overlaying the necessary information on it. Among the features of Creately: the ability to work together in real time, the Russian-language menu.

The free version allows you to make up to five diagrams within one project (from scratch or from a template with the necessary data). It is allowed to add text, lines, shapes to infographics, change the background, import images. Even owners of free accounts can download projects in jpeg and png format.

The paid version costs $ 5 for individual use, as well as $ 25-45 for a team of 5 and 10 people. It allows you to create an unlimited number of projects, draw any number of diagrams, use Visio Import, export files in a priority format.

To liven up your web project and please your readers, you will have to master at least one of the listed services. But the result is definitely worth it!

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