TOP 10 social media monitoring services: choosing the best

Brands use social networks in a complex: these sites are ideal for sales, promotion, and increasing its awareness. This is a very difficult job, especially if you don’t know what people think of your product or company.

Social media has become a place where people openly express their opinions (good and bad) about companies and products.

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Social media monitoring services are used to track exactly what they say about the company. They allow you to track mentions, reviews, comments and posts about your company in social media, forums, blogs. For large brands, this is a necessity, because the number of mentions of them per day on different sites can be in the hundreds or even thousands. Small companies will also benefit from such services, as well as those who promote their personal brand.

Tracking mentions helps optimize the marketing and PR departments, significantly reducing the time and increasing the ability to collect information.

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Monitoring service selection criteria

We have selected the ten best social media monitoring systems. Choosing monitoring services for the TOP, we focused on the following criteria:

  1. Functionality: what metrics the service monitors, is there any built-in analytics, search, is it possible to go to social networks directly from the interface.
  2. Interface… How simple and straightforward is it? Ideally, the system interface should be easy to understand even for a beginner.
  3. Integration with different social networks: the more sites you can monitor, the better. It is very good if the program monitors not only social networks, but also forums, for example.
  4. Price… Of course, everyone wants to save money. But you need to focus on the combination of price / functionality (quality). It’s great if you have a free trial or a free plan with basic features.
  5. Teamwork… This is especially true if several people are working on brand promotion.
  6. Is there a sentiment analysis (determining the sentiment of messages). This will help you find the negative faster.
  7. Reporting: how clear the reports are, is there any export to a computer for further study, is it possible to brand reports or remove the name of the service from the report.

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TOP-10 social media monitoring services

It’s time to get to know the top ten social media monitoring systems on the market.

1. YouScan.

Monitors all popular social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki), blogs, forums, media, review sites, YouTube, Telegram channels and even Pikabu. Analyzes the mentions of competing brands, filters mentions by gender and geography, and calculates engagement. Tracks posts, comments and reviews.

Among the advantages: teamwork, the ability to export reports, automatic sentiment detection, a clear interface.

The disadvantage is the high price.

Price: from $ 500 for every five topics per month.

Test period: there is a demo version.

2. Cribrum.

Gathers mentions of the Kribrum company

Collects mentions of a company, product or person on the Runet, monitors media, forums, blogs, social networks. There is sentiment analysis and distribution of publications by tags. Knows how to filter out spam messages.

The advantages include a user-friendly interface, rich analytics, and interactive reports.

Price: on request.

3. Babkee.

babkee: Monitors social networks and online media

Monitors social networks and online media. Will help keep track of the market, competitors and audience needs. Quickly respond to your users and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns, conduct research. Determines the sentiment of messages.

You can work in a team and give assignments to other employees.

Price: free for two users and on two monitoring topics.

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4. IQBuzz.

iqbuzz - Social media monitoring tool

Social media monitoring tool to help you manage your reputation. Collects data from online media, popular social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, YouTube), forums, thematic platforms.

The interface is simple, without unnecessary details.

From the pros: analyst help and integration with CRM.

Price: from 7900 rubles per month for one user and for 3 topics (a set of keywords).

Test period: 7 days.

5. Medialogy.

medialogia monitors thematic blogs and forums

This professional tool monitors thematic blogs and forums, as well as Facebook, Telegram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.

Offers a simple, user-friendly interface for working with mentions. Assesses the dynamics of the audience and the growth of references.

Service advantages: prompt collection of information, automatic sentiment detection, allows you to quickly analyze large amounts of data due to clustering. And also – here you can upload user IDs for later use in targeting.

Helps to work out negativity and respond to feedback and gratitude in time.

Price: on request.

Test period: 7 days.

6. Hootsuite.

hootsuite social media marketing management

Multifunctional social media marketing management tool. He works with Twitter (this is the main focus), Facebook and LinkedIn, with blogs. Filters mentions, comments and reviews by location, age, language. Provides the ability to analyze various data. The interface is simple, there is a Russian version. You can also schedule publications here, there is a sentiment analysis.

You can work with the tool in a group: share reports, notes.

Price: from $ 29 per month. There is also a free tariff plan with basic features.

Test period: 30 days.

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7. Brandwatch.

brandwatch social media monitoring service

Another Western service for monitoring social networks. Checks forums, blogs, media, social networks, review sites, reviews.

To make it convenient for you to track customer complaints, it sends alerts by email.

You can work with the tool as a team.

The downside is that you cannot access social networks from the panel, you need to go directly.

Price: Depends on the feature set.

8. Awario.

Gathers mentions from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+

Gathers mentions from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+. Can Takes into account any mentions of keywords, even surnames and phrases.

Of the minuses: sometimes it can find not entirely relevant mentions on your topic.

Pros: analytical tools allow you to determine the reaction to advertising campaigns and compare the brand with competitors, a simple interface.

Price: from $ 29 per month.

Test period: 14 days.

9. Brand24.

brand24: Western monitoring service

Western monitoring service that monitors given requests on the network in real time. It has a very convenient filter, mentions can be sorted by sentiment, site and many other parameters.

There is sentiment analysis, reminders, export of reports is available. Integrates with Slack, has a mobile application.

Price: from $ 49 per month for 5 keywords.

Test period: 14 days.

10. Google Alerts.

google alerts

The Alerts service from the search giant can be used as a tool for monitoring mentions of a brand or product. Set keywords and customize messages. The service will look for mentions on websites, forums, media and blogs.

Filter results by language, region, source, and see what the web is saying about you.

Price: is free.

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Any of these tools will greatly facilitate your work on social networks: you will be able to respond in time to any mention of the company, understand what authority your brand has and will be able to compare it with competitors. Analyze the data and adjust the promotion strategy. Work out negativity and educate your brand advocates.

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