Top 3 services for 360-degree personnel assessment


How to assess the suitability of an employee for the position? How to determine their strengths and weaknesses, identify potential and set the right vector of development?

For this, more and more companies use the method of assessment “360 degrees”. In this material we will analyze what this method is, how it is used and what online services will help to automate the assessment of staff.

What is the “360 degrees” method

The method of “360 degrees” is supposed to evaluate the performance of an employee or group of employees using the competency model by questioning the business environment of the person being evaluated. To put it simply, it is the assessment of the employee by his/her peers.

In order to implement the appraisal using “360-degrees” method it is necessary to obtain the feedback about the work and competences of the employee from his/her direct superiors, subordinates, colleagues and even clients. That is from everyone who interacts with him or her in one way or another in the business environment.

The assessment is performed on the basis of a survey or filling out a questionnaire. Thus, to obtain an objective assessment, it is necessary to properly compile a questionnaire-questionnaire.

The obtained results allow you to draw conclusions: to develop specific competencies, improve relations with colleagues, appoint training, put the employee on the list of the personnel reserve, etc.

In addition, this assessment is important not only for the organization, but also for the employee himself. To understand how he is perceived and evaluated by colleagues, to look at themselves from the outside, to look objectively at their strengths and weaknesses, as well as to correct possible problems.

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As a result, the method of “360 degrees” helps:

  • Motivate to develop and work on yourself.
  • To form a personnel reserve, to understand which employees are suitable for training for managerial positions, for work on complex projects, etc.
  • Evaluate managers and, if necessary, adjust their behavior model and management style.
  • To plan training, which trainings are really necessary for different groups of employees and participants of the personnel reserve.
  • To raise the self-esteem of employees.
  • To quickly solve tasks and achieve the desired results in personnel evaluation, it is better to use automated systems that work by the method of “360 degrees.” The following is a look at the best online services that will help you form a convenient and easy-to-use system for managing employee development and the business as a whole.

Criteria of the review

The following evaluation criteria were taken into account in compiling the review:

  • There are features for questionnaires or surveys;
  • other personnel assessment tools;
  • a full range of functions for 360-degree personnel assessment;
  • the ability to conduct training;
  • additional functions for personnel management at the enterprise;
  • free access, demo-version, trial period;
  • cost.


Let’s proceed to the list of services.


Top 3 services for personnel assessment


System of testing employees for various purposes of the HR department. It can be used for the knowledge profile, sales growth and development of the company in general. Suitable for creation of individual development plans and fast adaptation of newcomers.

Functions and features: The platform allows you to get objective figures on the level of your employees in time and improve their knowledge, as well as to train employees to make them perfectly know the product, comply with standards and sales techniques. Includes 360-degree comprehensive assessment.

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  • Performance analysis;
  • productivity assessment;
  • employee’s personal account;
  • mass testing;
  • 14-day test period.


  • No incentive system;
  • no personnel records;
  • no open information about tariffs and prices.

Price: no data.


Platform for smart surveys and collaboration analytics that helps manage employee engagement, performance and leadership.

Features and Capabilities: Smart Surveys 360 helps develop employee leadership. Based on digital engagement models, Yva “knows” who to ask about. 360 assessments are easily scalable, accurate and work in real time. Every employee and supervisor receives a personalized report and recommendations that enable them to achieve career growth and professional development.


  • Identification of informal leaders;
  • assessment of employees’ burnout
  • increase in effectiveness of interaction between employees
  • free test period.


  • Narrow specialization;
  • little function for other HR needs.


Price: calculated individually depending on user request.


A company that provides many solutions for personnel management.

There is the SHLTOOLS system, which allows you to evaluate personnel, create tests and questionnaires, or use ready-made ones for all levels of personnel, from top-level managers to production workers.

There is a separate solution the 360 degree questionnaire. The survey can be administered by company employees, or by yourself in SHLTOOLS.


Visualization: report design for the client;
Scalability: suitable for any number of candidate assessment projects;
Automatic sending of notifications to candidates;
Uploading participant data with test results and biographical data, including for further analytical work;
Consolidated reports at any level across all tools.


Multiple solutions broken down into separate services and solutions;
no clear and structured description of the service;
outdated site and layout, it is difficult to find the necessary information.

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Price: by request.


So, which service to choose? Everything depends on your tasks.

If you need a highly specialized solution, just for the survey 360, you should try Yva.

For surveys and polls try StartExam or Proaction.

If you need an individual approach and consulting – SHL

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