Top Popular Tracks for 2021 from TIK-TOK


Music is one of the key components of TikTok and today the social network shared a list of the most popular tracks and artists for 2021. The report also includes information on regional preferences, genres, the most popular artists by category and more.

In its report, TikTok notes that the social network directly contributes to the success of songs and artists. More than 175 songs that were trending on TikTok in 2021 made the Billboard Hot 100 charts, twice as many as last year.

A list of the most popular TikTok tracks in the U.S. and around the world:

TikTok also shares a list of the most popular music genres based on views:

In addition, TikTok highlighted older songs that have returned to the trends thanks to the app:

TikTok also published a map showing the most popular tracks by region:

This information is very useful and shows the importance of music trends, and draws attention to the ability to make content that corresponds to the latest trends.

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