Tracking website conversions using the VK pixel

Now, using the VK pixel, you can track the conversion actions of users on your website right in the advertising account. This will help you get more data for analytics and better measure your ad performance.

There are 19 conversion options available for tracking: registration, adding to the cart, making an appointment and others. The pixel will save information about the actions, even if the user did nothing during the first transition – conversion tracking will be active for a week.

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Let’s figure out how to work with conversions in the VK advertising account.

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How to set up conversion tracking with the VK pixel

You can track conversions on the site using a pixel directly from the VKontakte advertising account, as well as see the cost of conversions – this will help you better assess the effectiveness of specific ads.

Installing the VK pixel on the site

Step 1… Select the “Retargeting” section and go to the “Pixels” section. Click on the “Create Pixel” button.

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Step 2… Specify the pixel name, domain and theme of your site.

Step 3… Copy the generated code and get the PIXEL_ID. This ID must be present in the code that you put on your site.

Pixel code

Step 4… Open the source code of your site and paste the pixel code into it at the top of the page between the tags.

Step 5… Install conversion events on your website. You have a list of 19 events to choose from: adding an item to the cart; filling in billing information and many others.

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Create ad

Step 6… Go to the ad account and create an ad.

Step 7… In the block about conversion, specify the binding to a pixel and one event from the list. Run your ad.

Install conversion events on your website

If within 7 days after clicking on the ad, the user went to the site and performed a conversion action, information about this will be sent to your ad account.

Working with statistics

When the ad has received enough views and clicks, go to the ad page. In your campaign settings, add two columns: Conversions and Conversion Credit. The conversion statistics will be displayed in the “conversions” and “value for conversions” columns.

VK conversion value

Conversion data can help you evaluate which ad is generating sales and which is best off.

Earlier, the statistics of VK communities became available from mobile, and VKontakte also launched a campaign in support of business.

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