Traffic arbitrage forum: where top affiliates communicate and where to find newbie advice


The main idea of ​​any community is communication between people, exchange of useful information, a sense of belonging to something greater, as well as creating a common vision of life.

For an affiliate marketer, participation in such a community is an opportunity to convey their values ​​and ideas, share their cases and discuss problems.

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Such a place is FB-killa forum for affiliates

What is FB-killa

Think forums are dead? Not! And the FB-killa forum is a living confirmation of this. More than 22 thousand users have already registered on this forum. And these are all those people who are somehow connected with traffic arbitrage.

On the forum, they communicate, share their observations, ask and answer questions, conduct training, and maintain their blogs. In general, they are developing in the chosen direction.

Here is what the forum founder Alexander Chekulaev says about his project:

“Statistics cannot be fooled:
2017: 120 thousand visitors, 900,000 views.
2018: 500 thousand visitors, 1,750,000 views.
2019: 730+ thousand visitors, 2,020,000 views.
The forum is growing and developing – its main topic is in demand and will remain so as long as advertising on the Internet is alive ”.

Let’s figure out how the forum can be useful for beginners and experienced arbitrageurs, as well as for those whose main target audience is specialists working with traffic – targetologists, SMMs and other advertisers.

Affiliate Forum for Newbies

For beginners, it is not so easy to immediately join the community – this is where the FB-killa forum helps.

Have a question? We go to the section “Questions from beginners” and ask any question, without fear of being ridiculed. Here, experienced participants will help you figure it out, for those who are just starting their journey in arbitration.

Here you will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions. For example…

How to become an affiliate marketer and what is needed for this?

By and large, anyone can start making money on arbitrage. After all, here, as in other professions, there is always a high demand for qualified specialists. There are a lot of affiliates, but there are really good ones.

And all that is required to get started is Internet access, a computer (or laptop), a budget to start, and most importantly … The desire to improve, to learn all the time and learn new ways to get traffic.

In addition, the forum will help you understand the main tools for arbitration: advertising cabinets of social networks (VK, FB, matarget), contextual advertising (Google Ads, Yandex.Direct), constructors for creating creatives, mind mapping services and other usefulness. Also on the forum there is free course on targeted advertising on Facebook

Plus, plunging into the depths of the forum, you will get acquainted with basic concepts such as cloaking, account farming, parsing, affiliate programs and much more.

Before you start traffic arbitrage, spend a month studying the forum, courses, join Telegram chats, communicate with people. It’s better to spend a month for free than to waste it right away.

Where does the traffic come from?

If you want to know where to get traffic for a beginner – please. The nuance is that the only correct answer to this question does not exist in nature. Besides, it all depends on your preferences and skills. Each specialist has his own favorite playground.

Despite this, top affiliate marketers constantly share tips and tricks on the forum on which traffic sources are worth working with right now, and which ones have long since died.

For example, most experts believe that you shouldn’t start with VK, Odnoklassniki, MyTarget. The first reason is that these sources are suitable exclusively for Russia and the CIS, and in the same Facebook, you can spin traffic around the world. The second is hackneyedness. If you see ads in the feed or in the side column for an unusual product, such as luminous sneakers or a super constructor, this ad is most likely launched by an affiliate marketer (at the same time with a negative or with minimal profit).

Also, do not go into the jungle and try to immediately pour from Google Ads, YAN and the like. They can make a profit, but working with them requires a wealth of experience and knowledge that no information businessperson will sell.

The best source is international. Today these are Facebook and push notifications. All you need to get started is to learn how to target in an FB ad account or collect push notifications in any ad network.

What offer should a newbie choose?

All offers, to which affiliates use traffic, can be roughly divided into categories:

  • Product – payment for the sale of goods;
  • Crypt – pay for each deposit, deposit, exchange in cryptocurrency;
  • Dating – payment for registration on dating sites;
  • Prizes – the affiliate receives money for installing mobile games, applications, activity in games or donations;
  • Betting – we get money for bets, deposits in bookmakers;
  • and other areas.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Where to get the best offers and which affiliate program to choose for a specific direction? There are many questions and you can also get answers to them on the forum. The main thing is not to hesitate to ask.

For experienced

Do you think the top referees have no questions? Then you are deeply mistaken. Experienced affiliate marketers have many times more questions! And not only questions, but also the desire to talk, to put it mildly about the painful.

Here are just a few top reasons to come and register on the FB-killa forum:

Communication with colleagues

Communication with pros like you will help to identify new tendencies and trends, share experiences and find new solutions.

In addition, the forum admins constantly publish many useful things:

  • How color affects conversions;
  • How to bypass the limitations of ad systems;
  • How to increase CTR;
  • Mass creation of creatives;
  • How to write marketing headlines;
  • How to create an arbitrage strategy.

Formation of expertise, building a personal brand

If you understand that YOU + ARBITRATION = ❤, then without a personal brand you are nowhere. Yes, you need to maintain your community on social networks, a blog on the site, but the best place to get respect from colleagues in the shop is the forum.

Publish your case studies – it’s free!


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Also, you can use the additional features of the forum and select your account:

And here we smoothly move on to the next point.

Advertising opportunities

If you are not interested in communication, but you need traffic, registrations, including attracting webmasters to your affiliate program, then the simplest solution is to order advertising on the forum.

The main thing that we would highlight:

  • This is an advertisement on the largest advertising forum on Facebook;
  • The forum is read by 3,000 affiliates and marketers every day;
  • The total audience of the project exceeds 100,000 people;
  • Engagement – 3 minutes on the site and 4 views per visitor, which is 2000 hours and 300,000 views per month.

Project statistics can be viewed on SimilarWeb in the public domain, or LiveInternet / Yandex.Metrika upon request.

The following ad formats are currently available:

  1. Advertising in social networks. Publics Facebook Killa and Arbitrach VKontakte, advertising in Telegram channels and chats.
  2. Advertising on YouTube. You can order an ad integration or review.
  3. Banner advertising on the forum
  4. Advertising button in the header of the site (floating).
  5. Native advertising is a review of an affiliate program or service, followed by an announcement on social networks.
  6. Placing a corporate blog on the forum.
  7. Company account verification on the forum.


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