Twitch promotion: is it worth it to gain fake viewers and subscribers ?


Popular streamers do not become popular in one day: before there will be a thousandth audience, a lot of time will pass. But this process can be accelerated if you use special services for recruiting viewers and subscribers.

In this article, we’ll tell you what exactly and for what purposes you’re recruiting on Twitch, and how you can do it without risk to the channel. We also give a list of services for Twitch, with a brief description of their services and prices.

Twitch addcruitment – what is it and why is it needed?

Twitch is a video streaming platform for live broadcasts of gaming, on which you can not only have fun, but also earn money – if you have a sufficient audience.

The site already has many promoted channels, with audiences in the thousands, which leads to fierce competition and makes it difficult for new streamers to start. Twitch algorithms promote streams with a large number of views and viewer activity in the comments. Getting fake reviews will help you start promoting a new channel, but you shouldn’t get carried away with it to avoid getting penalized by the platform.

Fake promotion serves to artificially increase the indicators of the channel and will help at the start:

  • raise the credibility of the channel and motivate real users to subscribe;
  • increase the ranking of the stream in the top rendering (the more viewers the higher is the position of the stream), to attract
  • the attention of the target audience;
  • to get views from random people who saw the channel in search results.
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It helps live viewers learn about the existence of your channel and subscribe to it.

What can be gained in Twitch and what are the nuances

The main indicators for tweets:

  • Viewers and views;
  • Subscribers (followers);
  • Comments (using chatbots).

The more viewers (and accordingly, views), the higher in the list the stream will be and the more likely that users will notice the channel and come to the following streams. These indicators should be added only at the moment of the live stream broadcast. It is possible to boost views of already held live shows, but it makes no sense to do it because it won’t affect the results.

The number of channel subscribers does not affect the position of the stream in extradition, and it makes sense to boost this indicator only after the streams began to gather over 200 live viewers. A channel with a lot of subscribers but few views looks suspicious, which will give away the tampering and alienate live users.

To promote the channel, you also need activity in the comments. With the help of chatbots, you can start chatting, which will then be joined by real users.

How to use fake promotion correctly

Basic rules for using promotion to promote a channel:

  • At the first stage, focus on recruiting viewers and views, not subscribers;
  • Take into account the percentage of logged in viewers;
  • Create activity under the streams;
  • Avoid sudden jumps in activity;
  • As the channel grows, gradually abandon the use of cheating.


When you use fake promotion, make sure that the channel promotion looks natural and does not arouse suspicion. Although Twitch rarely bans for takedowns, because it is impossible to prove the involvement of the streamer in takedowns, but its clear signs can alienate real viewers from the channel.

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When buying viewers, pay attention to the percentage of registered viewers: it should not be below 30-35%. Avoid sudden jumps in activity: if one stream was watched by 1000 viewers, and the other only 10, it will look unnatural. Lack of comments on streams with high viewers will also raise suspicion. Buying chatbots will help to correct this situation.

The main thing to remember is that the acceleration is an auxiliary, not the main way of promotion. To attract viewers and motivate them to subscribe and send donations, you need to make sure that the streams are interesting for the user.

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