Twitter Expands Testing of Story-Like Fleets Option

Twitter began testing the Fleets option in March for users in Brazil, and the social network is now expanding the test for users in Italy and continues to collect feedback on the tool.

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Fleets on Twitter

As you can see in the pictures below, Fleets are a lot like Stories. It’s a bar with rounded profile icons at the top of your Twitter feed that open on tap and disappear after 24 hours.

Fleets appeared as a result of the fact that many users complained that they were not comfortable tweeting – tweets can be watched for a long time, as well as because of worries about the number of likes and retweets.

Twitter team shared the first test results:

  • Fleets allows people to share their thoughts in a simpler format;
  • People find it easier to use stories and start to write more on their Twitter or private messages;
  • Stories allow you to quickly share multiple thoughts.
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Twitter officials say they are satisfied with Fleets’ testing in Brazil, but want more data to make decisions and launch stories for their entire audience.

As a reminder, Facebook previously brought polls back to group chats in Messenger.

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