Twitter’s “Night Mode” will get darker

Twitter Night Mode will be darkened. The reason is a customer complaint that Twitter’s dark theme is not actually black, but rather a bluish tint.

Night mode in apps is a popular solution because it saves battery power. Also, this topic does not tire the eyes in the dark.

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Twitter first introduced its own “Night Mode” in mid-2016.

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How to enable dark mode on Twitter

  1. Go to your profile by clicking on your avatar.

2. Below you will see a crescent-shaped icon.

3. By clicking on it, activate the night mode. To exit the dark theme, click on the crescent again.

night mode on twitter

Twitter’s dark mode is the lightest when compared to other apps. He uses dark blue instead of black. We can see darker themes on YouTube, Google, Medium, Reddit, Wikipedia, Instapaper, Pocket, IMDb, iBooks, Kindle, Google Maps, Waze, Opera Mini and many more.

“Black” night mode can improve the user experience of using the product.

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It is not yet known when the darker night mode will be introduced, and on what platforms.

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