Two-factor authentication on Instagram: how to enable or disable

Two-factor authentication on Instagram is a way by which you can additionally protect your profile on the social network from hacking attempts.

The two-factor nature is explained by the fact that in order to enter the page from another device, each time you need to enter additional data:

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  • at the first stage, this is the login and password for entering;
  • at the second stage, this is an authentication code received in an SMS message or through special applications such as Duo Mobile, Google Authenticator.

The number of attempts to hack accounts on many social networks is growing every year. Fraudsters are developing ever more sophisticated ways to gain access to your data. According to CNews Analytics, only in 2014-2015 there were several successful hacker attacks:

Year What happened:
September 2014 The hackers obtained data from about 5 million Gmail accounts.
September 2014 Cybercriminals have stolen more than 1 million passwords from Yandex users using phishing and virus infection.
September 2014 about 4.6 million passwords from mail were hacked and collected into a database.
October 2014 Fraudsters attacked about 200 thousand Vkontakte users, all accounts indicated the email addresses of Gmail, and Yandex.
May 2015 6.7 million user accounts of the popular website were hacked Ask RU”.
October 2015 Hackers took over the data of 15 million customers of the T-mobile company.

The two-factor authentication feature is equally important for both regular users and owners Instagram business pages and public accounts with a large number of subscribers, when it is important to keep Instagram data safe at the hands of scammers. For ordinary users, this function can be useful, but it will take longer to visit the profile.

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How to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram

Instagram offers to get an authentication code using one of the following methods:

  • by SMS;
  • using a specialized application.

Two-factor authentication using SMS messages

The advantages of this method:

  • with each visit, you will receive a randomly generated password on your phone. If they try to hack the page after learning the login and password, attackers will not be able to predict the combination of numbers that you will receive;
  • it is impossible to log in without a mobile device, the number of which is linked to the Instagram page.

The disadvantages of this method include the following:

  • with a constant request for codes from the same device, the likelihood increases that fraudsters will be able to hack your account;
  • in the absence of a cellular signal, it becomes necessary to enter a backup code, which may be lost.

To configure this method you need:

  1. Open Instagram, find the icon with the image of a silhouette of a person, click. In the window that opens, click Edit profile “or go to the settings using the icon:
  2. Find in the menu Privacy and Security “,” Two-Factor Authentication “:
    Privacy and security
  1. On the page that opens, opposite the SMS, activate the slider – a code will be sent to your number, which must be entered to confirm the operation.
    Two-factor authentication using SMS messages
  1. Link your mobile number to your profile, if it is not already linked. To do this, select “Next ”(for iPhone) or (for Android) and enter a valid phone number that you use to contact:
  1. After entering the code from the SMS, click “Finish”, in automatic mode you will be redirected to the page with backup codes. With their help, you can confirm the entrance when you are not able to receive an SMS with a code. The program will automatically take a photo of this page so that the codes are not lost:
    Recovery codes on Instagram

This will help so that later you do not have to waste time and effort on restoring your Instagram account.

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Two-factor authentication using a mobile app

The advantages of this method are that:

  • you can log into your account even if there is no mobile connection;
  • in one application, you can generate passwords for multiple devices.

Of the minuses, it should be said that:

  • if the server is hacked and the primary key is obtained, fraudsters will be able to generate a password and enter your page;
  • if the application generates security codes on the same gadget from which you log into Instagram (for example, a tablet or smartphone), the two-factor is reduced.

The method for setting up two-factor authentication via a mobile application is identical to the settings using SMS messages, but:

  1. In the item for choosing the protection method, we move the slider to the active position, opposite the “Application for authentication”. Download the application to your gadget using the App Store or Play Market:
    Two-factor authentication using a mobile app
  1. Install the authenticator app and head back to Instagram. We receive a confirmation code to enter your account:
    Key to Instagram
    Click “Next”, go to the authenticator application, click “save the key”. Now your profile has been added to the application, you have the opportunity to receive verification codes.
    Save the key
  1. We return to Instagram, then enter the numbers from the code and click “Finish”:

Now, when you visit your Instagram page, you need to enter an identification code each time.

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How to disable two-factor authentication and why it’s best not to

You can turn off the two-factor authentication settings if necessary. But, if the function does not work, your data can be threatened by intruders. To disable it, go to the “Settings” menu, select the “Two-factor authentication” item and deactivate each of the sliders:

How to turn off two-factor authentication on Instagram

The relevance of additional protection of your personal data on the Instagram social network is growing exponentially. The two-factor verification option is a great opportunity to additionally protect your account from the hands of fraudsters. Each time you visit a social network from an unidentified gadget, you will need to prove that you are the owner of this page. This feature is robust enough to make it difficult for attackers to get hold of an account. In addition, if the page is being hacked, you will receive a confirmation code, this will make it clear that someone is trying to enter the page.

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