Understanding why Olga Buzova’s Instagram has become the most popular in Russia.

The popularity of Olga Buzova on Instagram haunts not only her fans and haters, but also SMMs. The TV presenter’s page is the most popular Russian-language profile. In this review, we will not laugh at the lyrics of Olga’s songs, discuss the Buzcoin course or the taste of Buzvain. Let’s keep a cool head and impartially disassemble the star’s account to find things that really work.


Olga Buzova earned her social capital even before the era of Instagram. Television made it popular. “Box” is still a very strong media channel for pumping a personal brand. Otherwise, modern freaks and quite serious experts would not have burst into daytime talk shows like “Male / Female” or “Let’s get married!” And Olga herself settled on TV – she works!

The stereotype that the generation under 40 does not watch TV is half true: people watch TV on the Internet. And the Buzovoy team knows for sure about it.

Appearance on TV as an independent news feed

Therefore, Instagram itself in Olga Buzova’s story is a place where she accumulated and partly multiplied an already existing audience. To repeat Buzova’s path to success, it is not enough just to create a page on the social network and read this review. Get ready to divorce football players, create cryptocurrency and open burger shops – in general, constantly create news feeds offline.

And sometimes a regular post becomes a news feed. On May 9, Olga was hounded for a photo shoot and video in military uniform. It is now one of the most popular posts on her profile.

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Olga Buzova’s positioning is just like three kopecks, and the Instagram page works in the name of such a strategy. Already in the second half of the 2010s, everyone understood: the audience of social networks was saturated with exemplary fit babies, mothers on maternity leave, and glossy models. There are too many beautiful pictures – there is a request for naturalness and even freakiness.
Many brands are also trying to find a fresh look at familiar things – read our review about Baikal.

Now social networks are raising new stars: weiners who are not afraid to laugh at themselves, the too honest Mom of the Excellent, freaking Andrey Petrov. Olga Buzova finds her niche and becomes an icon of casual glamor. Sounds like an oxymoron – it looks like that.

Buzova is not afraid to look stupid, which violates all the glamorous postulates. She exploits the image of a simple girl who once made her way on TV, does not look down on the audience, and the pretentiousness with beautiful poses and outfits seems to be a subtle parody of herself.

It turns out, if not funny, then funny – that’s the reason to subscribe.

However, it cannot do without tricks. It is unlikely that the star with 21 million subscribers cared about privacy when she decided to make her profile private. You can’t look behind the star’s adventures on the sly. What can you do for the sake of an overview in SMMplanner – now I am also subscribed to Buzova.

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Olga Buzova’s profile contains a hodgepodge. There are vines, videos from TikTok, lifestyle with quotes a la “VKontakte status” and even beauty tips. Calculating the beauty index through #Gradient, thinking about opening borders, 19 author’s masks, joint live broadcasts, 35 stories per day – Olga and her team are doing everything they can. As if to spite those SMMs who sincerely advise clients to focus on one thing, which will then become the highlight of the profile.

In the video from TikTok Olga is even more direct

At first glance, the content on Olga Buzova’s Instagram is not much different from the content on the accounts of most insta girls. On the second glance, it is also not much different. The personal brand was formed long before Olga appeared on social networks. Instagram is needed just to remind you of yourself

Buzova, on the contrary, is not afraid to be intrusive. She constantly reminds of herself, starting new projects offline and trying new formats online. The ultimate success of the events is not that important. Olga simply seeks to occupy the entire information space of her subscribers, so she is always ready to surprise the audience with something new.
There is another blogger who is not inferior to Olga’s charisma – read our analysis of Yuri Dud’s profile.


– When developing your personal brand, don’t focus only on social media. There are many other media channels out there and shouldn’t be underestimated.
– The trend for naturalness is not a trend. There has always been such a request. The personal diary genre has supplanted the novel genre due to the utmost honesty of its authors. Nothing has changed: do not become “plastic” – laugh at yourself, show shortcomings and failures, say what you think.
– Try new formats to get rid of monotony. Olga Buzova made this rule an absolute.
– Tell your story. Olga became famous not because of her talents and beauty – she became famous simply by “telling” her story on a reality show. The same reality is now continuing on Instagram. Don’t come out of a vacuum with pretty pictures and life advice.
– Emotions and useful content are what attracts the interest of the social media audience to companies and bloggers. Olga made a bet on emotions, embodying the dreams of ordinary girls in the content.
– Forget about simple formulas and tips like: “40% entertaining, 30% useful” or “no more than 1 post per day – everything else is in Stories.” Do not be afraid to break someone’s rules, as Olga Buzova or, for example, Coca-Cola from our previous review does.

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