User content – types and methods of creation

Did you know that nearly 25% of any resource is user-generated content? Be it a news portal, scientific community, humorous public or even an online store. We are used to absorbing information in a complex way, often without thinking about what exactly we are reading at the moment. However, if you look closely at the online materials and try to classify them, you will notice that a large part was created by the audience. By the way, holivar in the comments, which you scroll for the second hour, hotly supporting one of the sides – this is also an element user-generated content (UGC)

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Pros and cons of UGC

Even in the twentieth century, advanced marketers realized that an ordinary representative of the target audience would be much more interested in a particular product if he hears about it. positive reviews or somehow learns that his opinion is important to manufacturers. With the advent of the Internet in every home, UGC production has become a hundred times easier. Now everyone can take part in the life of their favorite trade mark, magazine or TV project without getting up from their chair. Thus, people have the opportunity at the same time to amuse their pride and provide a service to producers. And, since there are a lot of such applicants, the resource itself fills up.

It should be noted that the presence of user-generated content is no longer a pleasant addition to an advertising campaign. brand, but rather a necessity. If you find that there are no visitors on your site and they don’t write anything, how will potential customers believe you? Where is the evidence that you are an honest specialist and not just another fraud? Why should you choose you if there is no evidence that your product is better than the competition?

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The importance of UGC cannot be overemphasized. However, oddly enough, it also has disadvantages. One of the drawbacks that site owners often worry about is not the most aesthetic form. Indeed, your readers are not specialists. digital spheresare not professional photographers or clip makers, so their work can be of average quality. But that’s the whole point. Perfect user-generated content immediately suggests fake. And something that’s done simple, but with soul, will surely find a response from the average reader.

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Types of custom content

You should decide which UGC you need to further your project. To do this, you need to understand its types. Start doing it now!


The holivars mentioned above are, in fact, a very important element of the popularity of a particular resource, especially if it is news or journalistic. And even if for many they look like a waste of time, the opportunity to enter into polemics with someone attracts a decent part of the audience. Encourage your readers to comment on the content. Leave a box with an invitation to discussion under each update. This way you can get people who like to speak up and argue about it. There are many of them, you can be sure.

2. Reviews.

If you sell something online, reviews are a must-have. No one wants to buy first. It is important for everyone to know that someone has already purchased it and was satisfied with the price-quality ratio. People tend to trust their peers more than marketers who lure buyers with beautiful descriptions. Therefore, take care of every review. Collect them, arrange, proudly post them on social networks. Don’t forget to ask your audience for feedback. And do it more often – the audience is forgetful, you know.

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There is even a separate category of sites – the so-called reviewers (Flamp, Zoom), where the main type of content is reviews written by visitors themselves. This can also include Booking and Tripadvisor

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Photo and video reviews are also a kind of reviews, only even more powerful. Everyone with the edge of consciousness understands that verbal messages can be faked, unlike visual evidence, where you cannot hide poor quality, weak functionality or poor design. Many companies specifically pay vloggers to make what’s-in-my-bag videos. It will be great if you can get at least one video with a response. To do this, you can even announce a competition and give away prizes between those who take part.

3. Competitive Content.

By the way, about competitions. Very often young and not so young resources offer the public to come up with a slogan, name or logo for a reward. To some, this may seem too immodest. They say that copywriters and logo makers take huge fees for similar projects, but here they offer a similar job for a symbolic gift. However, those who wish are found. I personally know a designer who got his hands on drawing avatars for free for different communities.

4. Photos and videos.

This is not exactly the same as photo reviews. The latter is a purely utilitarian thing, the purpose of which is to demonstrate the functionality of the product as much as possible. Artistic photos are designed to draw the viewer’s attention to the beauty of the subject. Check out how many interesting Starbucks cup shots are on Instagram. But this way you can present any brand, and yours is no exception.

5. The rest of the creative.

This includes everything that is difficult to describe in one or two paragraphs. It can be absolutely any atypical content. What it will be depends only on your imagination and on the creative abilities of your audience. The most commonplace example is the events ala “Why we love Xiaomi”, where people in short videos talk about the advantages of this smartphone model. You can come up with something radically new, different from others. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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How to motivate users to create content?

As you already understood, they will hardly try for you just like that. Therefore, you will have to negotiate with your audience to get the bang for your buck. First, study the audience and see what kind of UGC they can produce. Then use one of the following methods.

1. Write a request in private messages. If we are talking about content that does not require a lot of labor (most often these are comments or reviews), it is enough to ask the participants to be active. Everyone will not respond, but someone will definitely agree.

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2. Offer a discount. Note that many aspiring entrepreneurs offer a discount of somewhere around 5% on their next service for a positive review. Thus, benefits are obtained for both you and your customers.

3. Promise a prize. There is nowhere at the competition without prizes. And it is desirable if it is something real and material: a financial reward, a gift or a free item from the available range of goods.

4. Motivate to be creative. Do you know that your audience has not only material but also existential aspirations? Many are tired of the daily routine, they want something new, to somehow express themselves, in something to stand out. An interesting competition is a great way to show your creativity. Especially if the reward looms on the horizon.


Do you now understand the importance of user generated content? Always remember that it can generate interest, increase trust, and improve sales. Don’t neglect it. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: increase the filling of the resource and establish feedback with the public. You will see, potential buyers will be grateful to you for this.

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