VK group statistics: how to make a community analysis

Group statistics in VK allows you to manage the community as efficiently as possible. It can help you find the perfect hours for posting, find out how the audience reacts to certain posts, and generally fully analyze whether you are moving in the right direction.

In the article, we will cover in detail all the points of statistics and tell you how to correctly evaluate each indicator.

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How to view group statistics in VK

Go to your group or public and click the “Statistics” button just below the avatar / header.

This will open a page with several tabs and sections.


Coverage. The information on the “Reach” tab is important both for potential advertisers and for the company that owns the community itself – it shows how many people have viewed the group’s posts over a period of time.

VK coverage

Using the checkboxes below, you can choose which coverage you are interested in:

  • Subscriber reach – how many people in the group viewed posts during the selected time period.
  • Viral coverage – how many people who are not members of the group have looked at its publications. Advertisers pay special attention to this indicator, as it reflects the prospects of the community.
  • Full coverage sums up the first and second indicators.

PS If you went to statistics and see only one checkmark (full coverage), then go to another tab, for example, activity, and then return to the first one. The rest of the check marks will appear. Perhaps this is a system glitch.

Gender and age. Going down below, we see the ratio of people of different sex and age among those viewing posts.

Community audience gender and age

Based on this data, you can understand what content is better to publish, because men and women usually require completely different approaches.

Geography. The next section informs us about the geographic location of the community’s visitors.

Subscribers geography

This data is important both for better content selection and for advertisers targeting specific regions.

Devices. Next, we look at which devices our group is most often visited. This is also an important factor for analysis – you can draw conclusions about which content format is better to publish, as well as how mobile the audience is in general.


Access. At the bottom of the page, you can choose whether the statistics will be available to outsiders.

Access to statistics in VK

Please note that next to all sections, you can specify the time period for which the coverage is estimated – from a day to the entire lifetime of the community.

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Visitors. The Attendance tab begins with a graph that displays a specific number of unique visitors per day or month. As well as the total number of views (after all, one unique visitor can view the community several times).

Group attendance

Demography. Next comes the information field, which displays the ratio of the group’s visitors by gender and age. Can be viewed as a bar chart or graph.


Then – the division specifically by gender.


Transitions. Diagrams showing the geographic location of visitors and the devices from which they are active are already familiar to us from the previous section. But after them, there is already new information – very useful data about where users come from to the community. The data allows you to track the most effective audience engagement channels and pay special attention to them.

Sources of referrals to the community

Change in the number of participants. Below is a graph showing the number of participants who joined or left (per day or for all time). If you choose the second option, the statistics will look like a one-color graph.

Group joins and unsubscribes

Sections. The following graph will tell you which sections users visit most often. From this, we can conclude in which direction the development should be directed in the first place and what can be changed in the structure of the VK group so that it works more efficiently.

Popular sections

Applications. The last graph will show how interesting the participants are to the applications connected to the group. You can view statistics for all applications or only for one specific one. Recall that VK makes it possible to connect a maximum of three applications to the community.

Using widgets

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Notifications. At the very top of the “Activity” tab, we see information about how many people have subscribed to group notifications. When a new post is published in the community, these people see an alert, which means they won’t miss the post, even if they don’t go to the feed at all.

Number of notification subscriptions

Feedback. The following graph is needed in order to track user feedback, namely: likes, reposts, comments. You can also check here if anyone has hidden your posts from the news. If your last indicator is high or has risen sharply, think – maybe the content has changed for the worse or the posts have become too frequent?

Subscriber activity in the group

Action button. It is possible to set a so-called action button in the VK group – you can assign there, for example, contacting you, launching an application or going to a website. And the next graph just displays how actively participants use this button.

Action button usage statistics

Links. Finally, the last block on this page will show how many people are clicking on the links you left in the Community Info.


A graph showing the activity of users in group messages – how many unique users write to the community on a given day.

Using messages

By themselves, these numbers can mean both a high level of subscribers’ interest and insufficient information in other sections. See what is asked the most. For example, if questions about prices are poured every day, it makes sense to put them in the “Products” section, so it will be more convenient for everyone.


The section provides statistics for each specific publication in the group. This is extremely convenient – you can draw conclusions about which content users like more, which is the most effective in terms of reach, reposts and transitions. You can also see how many people have hidden a particular news entry.

Group post statistics

How to download statistics data

To download the statistics of the VK group, there is a corresponding button, it is located in the upper right corner of the page:

How to download VK statistics data

When pressed, the parameters window opens.

Uploading a group report

Here you can select the format of the downloaded file (XLS or CSV), the time interval for which the information is of interest. And also indicate the types of data uploaded – maybe you only need statistics on coverage or on advertising.

By pressing the button “Get data” the file is instantly downloaded. It looks something like this (specific columns and rows will differ depending on the selected parameters):

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How to analyze community statistics correctly

The ability to evaluate information from statistics and highlight the most important aspects is important for everyone. For group owners – to publish more relevant content and increase sales. For advertisers – to understand whether it is worth advertising in this community, whether it will have an effect.

What you first need to pay attention to when analyzing the statistics of the VKontakte group:


Thinking that if there are many members in the group, then everyone will see the post is a delusion. For example, if subscribers are winding up, then out of 1000 participants the publication will be seen by a couple of dozen people.

Normal reach is 20-30% of the total number of subscribers. It is impossible to reach 100%. In order for the coverage to be good, it is necessary to gather living people in a group who are interested in the topic. Targeted advertising or mutual reposts will help.


Almost any active group has peaks of attendance. They happen when a community shares shares with another community or advertises.

How to analyze community statistics correctly

The reasons for such peaks can be found in the section “Sources of Conversions”.

The natural increase in attendance looks like a very smooth line without sharp drops. And if you are an advertiser, then this option is better for you. Because this suggests that users are consistently interested in the content of the community, they pay it an even amount of attention. In the case of “peaks”, people usually go to see a specific publication, and they do not always stay long. It is unlikely that this is the target audience for the ad.


It so happens that the attendance in the group is good, coverage is high, but there is practically no activity. People don’t follow links, don’t repost posts, don’t leave comments. Meanwhile, this is the main indicator proving that there are living people in the community, and not bots.

The following are considered normal indicators for each post:

  • likes – at least 10 per 1000 subscribers (1%);
  • reposts – 20-60% of the number of likes.

Comments are the least reliable indicator. They can be closed altogether. And it so happens that only a few people communicate under the posts, which creates the appearance of high activity.

There are also polls. Everyone loves them, and it is easier to poke at the desired option than to write a comment. Voter count is a good metric to gauge how willing people are to perceive community content.

These rates may be slightly lower for advertising content, and higher for non-commercial content.

It is recommended to analyze the listed indicators among competing groups, especially successful ones. So you can understand in which direction to move, which posts are the best for your target audience. And at the same time avoid common mistakes.

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The statistics of the VKontakte group can show how effectively the advertising campaign is going and whether the contractors act competently if you use their services.

By carefully reviewing the main sections, you can identify weaknesses and take steps to fix them. As a result, you will get an increase in audience loyalty, increased interest in the brand, new sales, registrations or referrals.

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